Alexa Toolbar for Firefox – Get Sparky!

Alexa has long ignored Firefox users by only having a toolbar for Internet Explorer. As of this week, that has now changed.

On Monday, Alexa released it’s Firefox toolbar: Sparky. Supposedly, they waited this long to release it on Alexa’s 10 year anniversary. Sure. Whatever.

The important thing is that you can download Sparky and have your web usage counted by Alexa. This means that Firefox users now matter in Alexa rankings. It will be interesting to see if traffic rankings change a little, due to some sites being frequented more than others by …

3 Mouse Scroll Wheel Tricks for Firefox

Don’t you love handy little tricks that make life easier? I stumbled on one last night, and then I found another one today. Now it’s time to share!

Everyone knows that their mouse scrollwheel scrolls windows vertically. But do you know what else it can do?

1. Change font size

There isn’t a standard font size on the web. People use all different sizes for their sites, from really small to incredibly huge. This is especially problematic if you have vision problems.

Hold down CTRL while you scroll the mouse wheel, and your Firefox font will change sizes. …

Pimp Google With Firefox Extensions and Scripts

Have you noticed that Google invades every tiny corner of our online lives? My mail, news feeds, and calendar all rely on Google to keep working. Right now, I have three Firefox tabs open to Google applications, plus the resident Google search in the upper right corner.

I’m not complaining about it. In fact, I want to teach you some cool Google tricks. Yep, we’re going to pimp your Google.

But first, two quick notes:

1. All of these nifty hacks require Firefox. If you’re using another browser, just read on to see what you’re missing.

2. Everything …

Maximize Firefox Searching with Hotkeys

Robert Ambrogi made a great find today: Firefox search plugins for legal research. These plugins are simple additions to the awesome, free Firefox browser, and they allow you to search Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. As Robert explains, the five plugins allow you to search the entire LII, or specific portions, depending upon which plugin you use.

I would like to take this awesome opportunity to point out two cool keyboard shortcuts (a.k.a.: …

Rename Westlaw Windows in Firefox to Provide Quicker Access

How many browser windows (or tabs) do you typically have open while using Westlaw? If you are like me, the answer to that question varies from 1 to as many as 15. The only problem with this is that when you are viewing some documents (cases especially) Westlaw names the windows “Find Result”. How can you tell your 15 documents apart? Previously, you couldn’t.

Today’s awesome tip is a script fresh from the factory. Westlaw Title renames your Westlaw browser windows, using the proper case name for court cases and the citation for other documents. …

Quickly Browse Lexis, Google, and Other Search Results within Firefox

How many times a day do you click links on web pages to browse to “Next” or “Previous” pages? Or, more appropriately, how many times a day to you search for something on the web? This includes using Lexis, Google, MSN, Windows Live, Yahoo, and Technorati. What about shopping on sites like Amazon or even browsing the online catalog of your local library? I’ll bet that you click “Next” and “Previous” several dozen (if not …

Firefox Extension Checks Spelling in Lexis, Westlaw, and Other Web Forms

How many times have you typed a misspelled word into Lexis or Westlaw? Do either of these companies refund search charges for typos or suggest the correct spelling? I think not. Enter SpellBound.

What is it?

SpellBound allows you to quickly and easily spell check any entry you make into a web form. This means that you will no longer misspell words in Lexis or Westlaw. Moreover, since SpellBound works with any web form, you can use it to check your spelling in search boxes, message board …

Eee PC Battery Test – 7 Hours, 29 Minutes

I was at an all-day seminar last week, sporting my …

Review of the Asus Eee PC 1000HE

I’ve had my Asus Eee PC 1000HE for a couple weeks now. I’ve used it for some real work at this point, so here’s my take on this machine.

It’s awesome!

Before I dig into the specifics of the Eee, remember what a netbook is. It’s a mini computer. It can do virtually anything a full-size machine can do, except it has limited processing power and screen size.

I purchased the Eee to use as my travel computer. I have a beefy Dell Inspiron laptop for in-office computing needs. But it’s too …

Digg Has What It Takes – Login Memory

Digg is clearly the largest social news site. It drives tons of traffic, has millions of users, and regularly crashes web servers with its influx of traffic. But what makes Digg better than the plethora of Digg clones out there?

Digg keeps users logged in.

Propeller always logs me out periodically. Then I have to go through the hassle of logging in again. The same goes for Sk*rt (and what’s with that name!?). And Sphinn makes me login almost every visit.

But I never have to re-login at Digg.

I have …

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