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Quickly Browse Lexis, Google, and Other Search Results within Firefox

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How many times a day do you click links on web pages to browse to “Next” or “Previous” pages? Or, more appropriately, how many times a day to you search for something on the web? This includes using Lexis, Google, MSN, Windows Live, Yahoo, and Technorati. What about shopping on sites like Amazon or even browsing the online catalog of your local library? I’ll bet that you click “Next” and “Previous” several dozen (if not more) times daily.

Here is a little tip that will save you precious clicking time, when navigating through those 257 cases your Lexis search retrieved (or for browsing the entire Amazon selection of Lost merchandise). This tip will save you time while billing and fiddling.

As with some of my other tips, this one requires you to have the awesome, FREE browser, Firefox (downloadable at right). Once you are running Firefox, all you need to do is download a small extension called NextPlease!.

Once installed, NextPlease! allows you to use your keyboard to navigate search results for almost any website. For instance, I have my keyboard configured to use CTRL + LEFT ARROW to go to “Previous” and CTRL + RIGHT ARROW to go to “Next”. This allows me to browse search results without taking my fingers from the keyboard. What a time saver!

The only downside to NextPlease! is
that it does not currently work within Westlaw. I intend to find a solution for this soon. If you discover any other problems or need help installing anything, please drop me a line.

Do you have a tip to help people save search time on Lexis or Westlaw (or other search engines)? Please post a comment or drop me a line.

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