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Rename Westlaw Windows in Firefox to Provide Quicker Access

How many browser windows (or tabs) do you typically have open while using Westlaw? If you are like me, the answer to that question varies from 1 to as many as 15. The only problem with this is that when you are viewing some documents (cases especially) Westlaw names the windows “Find Result”. How can you tell your 15 documents apart? Previously, you couldn’t.

Today’s awesome tip is a script fresh from the factory. Westlaw Title renames your Westlaw browser windows, using the proper case name for court cases and the citation for other documents. This way, you can quickly and easily navigate between multiple documents. This should save loads of time and frustration.

To use this script, you will need to be running Firefox (like other tips I have suggested). Also, you will need to download and install a nifty extension for Firefox called Greasemonkey. Both of these products are free, so what are you waiting for?

Next simply click here to install my Westlaw Title script. You will see a prompt at the top of your window to “Install” the script. Click that button, and then you are ready to rename Westlaw windows. Did I mention that the script does all the work for you? It is hands-off from this point forward. Yeah, I thought you would like it.

Like I mentioned, I literally just finished writing this, so there might be a bug or two. Please let me know if you run into any problems, and I would be more than happy to fix them. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post a comment or drop me a line.

DOWNLOAD the script, in case you missed it.

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4 Responses to “Rename Westlaw Windows in Firefox to Provide Quicker Access”

  1. [...] Rename Westlaw Windows in Firefox to Provide Quicker Access [...]

  2. Dan
    January 16th, 2007

    Concerning “Westlaw Title”

    Great program, helps out a lot.

    I’ve been looking for a bit more functionality in something like this however, and your program is as close as I’ve come. Basically I want to be able to rename tabs (or have FF auto-find and insert the right names) from a downloaded HTML file taken from Westlaw (via their “download” link when viewing a case).

    From my slight programming knowledge, it seems like you might be able to alter your current script without a big change in order to accomplish this. If so, I’d be very interested in the end product.

    Best of luck to you in whatever you do.

  3. Andrew Flusche
    January 18th, 2007


    I’m glad you like the Westlaw Title script. Your request is interesting. I’ll have to give it a little thought. As you said, it might not be too hard from the current script. If I come up with something, I’ll definitely let you know.

    Thanks for commenting,

  4. Alexei
    March 10th, 2009

    Can you provide an example of script working? An short “Do following, blockheaded”.

    First question is – how to rename an window using this script?

    PS GraceMonkey is installed.

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