Using JibberJobber for Online Networking – Part 1

This is Part 1 in a series of posts on Jason Alba’s Career Toolset, JibberJobber. Check back soon for future posts in this series.

You all know that networking is key to building your law practice, finding your first law firm job, and having a more fruitful career. I won’t belabor those points here. This post, and the entire JibberJobber series, is about using this nifty online tool for managing your networking efforts.

What is it?

Basically, JibberJobber provides the tools you need to manage network contacts, employers, documents, books, articles, and other …

Networking Carnival

For those of you interested in job search tips, you should definitely check out today’s edition of the Networking Carnival, hosted over at Jason Alba’s JibberJobber Blog.

Legal Andrew was lucky enough to be included in this edition, featuring my post on business cards for students.

One of my favorite posts is by George Blomgren, who writes on what to do if you just lost your job.

The coolest part of being included in the Networking Carnival is that …

Tips for Writing Effective Law Firm Cover Letters

If you are a first year law student, the summer job search is just gearing up. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of articles with helpful suggestions all around the web. I wrote an article with cover letter tips a few days ago. Today, Tracks to Success posted a great article providing tips for business letter writing. You should wander over and check it out, since all of the advice applies to cover letters as …

Word’s Email Merge Feature: Tricky, But Handy

Have you ever wanted to send an email to a list of people, but personalize each one? Do you need a quick way to send your resume to over a hundred firms for your summer job search? Microsoft Word’s email merge feature will help you out.

Using email merge is pretty easy. All you do is type your document in Word. Then you select Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge. In the right pane, select “E-mail messages.” Simply follow the remaining prompts to complete your email merge. You will select a list …

Drafting Your Law Firm Cover Letter

If you are a first year law student, it’s definitely time to start preparing your law firm job search materials. There are other sites that provide comprehensive information regarding the search process. The idea here is to give you a few tips on writing your cover letters.

Be professional

This should go without saying, but you need to present a unified, professional image. Thus, use the same font family for your resume, cover letter, and envelope. Use the same paper. …

Networking Tips and Advice

When you’re looking for a new job or more clients, it all comes down to that critical task: networking. Two good articles just crossed my desktop on the subject.

First, check out Jim Hassett’s article on better networking results. He provides some great, concrete tips to enhance your networking abilities.

Next, you can check out How to Become an Extrovert in 4 Easy Steps for some simple tips on diving into social situations with ease.

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Legal Matters Sheet Helps with Jobs and Clients

As an attorney you probably remember many of the matters (cases and/or deals) you have worked on. However, how many have you forgotten? What about you law students? Do you remember all the pro bono or clerk matters you helped with? Keeping a “matters sheet” on hand solves this problem.

This article at Guerrilla Job Hunting explains the benefit of a “deal sheet” for salesmen:

Sales guys — show them proof! Keep an up-to-date deal sheet – instead of a resume – on your PC at work which …

Utilize Law School Library for Career Search

If you are in law school, the odds are that you want to be a lawyer. But do you even know that much? If you do plan to apply to a state bar, do you know which one? Do you know what type of law you want to do? What type of organization do you want to be in?

Fortunately, your law school might actually have some answers. Yep, law school might be good for something other than posing questions. Shocking, right?

Free career resources

The next time you have a second, get on your school’s library …

LinkedIn Can Network Lawyers to Each Other and to Clients

I must be behind the times. I had never heard of LinkedIn until yesterday. If you are like me, you might be missing out on a great tool for lawyers.

What is it?

LinkedIn provides an online method to network. Simply register for a FREE account, enter a few facts about yourself (occupation, employers, education – as much or as little as you want), and you can instantly connect with people like yourself.

Minutes after I registered, I was able to see lawyers from both my summer firms, as well …

52 Resume Writing Tips

Like diamond quality, resumes have four C’s. Be consistent with your formatting, style, and wording. You want to present an integrated image of yourself as an organized person.

Be concise, since employers do not want to read a novel about you.

Clarity counts for resumes, as well as diamonds. Be sure your resume is readable and makes perfect sense, even at a glance.

Employers also need a complete resume, in order to appropriately evaluate you.


Ensure that you use plain formatting in your resume to accent and highlight important parts, but do not distract from the content.

Standard fonts should be used …

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