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Utilize Law School Library for Career Search

If you are in law school, the odds are that you want to be a lawyer. But do you even know that much? If you do plan to apply to a state bar, do you know which one? Do you know what type of law you want to do? What type of organization do you want to be in?

Fortunately, your law school might actually have some answers. Yep, law school might be good for something other than posing questions. Shocking, right?

Free career resources

The next time you have a second, get on your school’s library catalog (you can probably do it online from home) and do some simple searches. I tried a few things like “small firm,” “solo firm,” “law firm,” etc. To my surprise, I turned up quite a few good resources. In both the main law school library and the career services office, there are a number of books regarding different career options for lawyers.

At our school, I found everything from a guide to starting your own solo shop to managing a big law firm, plus everything in between. In fact, I printed out the reference numbers for two books, and tomorrow I am going to stop by and pick them up. Now I will have some more information for my job hunt, and it didn’t cost me a dime. Isn’t that a bargain?

Extend the benefits

If you really want to go crazy, you could try searching your entire university’s library catalog. You will likely find books on business, networking help, interviewing tips, etc. While you’re searching, try your city’s public library as well. Our town fell a bit short there, but if you live in a big city you’ll likely have a fruitful search.

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