Reasons to be a Government or Public Service Lawyer

As a future public service lawyer, I’m on the lookout to help others enter my chosen profession. Fortunately, The Frugal Law Student has a great post about being a government lawyer. The cool part is that many of his points apply to public service lawyers generally.

My favorite point on his list: loan forgiveness. As he explains, “every lit bit helps.” If you’re thinking about government or public service work, see if your school has a loan forgiveness …

Help for Job Searches and Career Development

Some of my favorite legal bloggers have put forth great content lately. Anastasia wrote a great post over at Lawsagna, full of tips and tools for your job search and career.

One of the coolest links in her article is on neuro-linguistic programming in your interview. Honestly, this is pretty deep stuff. But it might give you an edge in your next interview.

For the rest of Anastasia’s great tips, be sure to read her …

Great List of 15 Things to Help Your Career

I’m a big advocate of doing simple things to help the bigger picture. In many endeavors, a lot of tiny steps can produce a huge result.

Careers are like this. A successful career is usually made up of many small steps. True, there are large ones as well. However, the everyday things usually contribute a ton to the whole.

Thus, here’s a great list of 15 easy things you can do to help your career.

My favorite idea from the list is to …

The Networking Carnival – Fourth Edition – Help for Newbies

Are you ready for some whirly fun at the carnival? The response for this month’s networking carnival was great! Here’s what Thom posted, that I asked people to respond to:

A new year has begun. Instead of doing the typical New Year’s resolution, let’s focus on something a bit different. Let’s help out the people who are new to networking. Provide your best tip to help networking newbies start the year right.

So without further ado, here comes the …

Enhance Your Online Presence With a Video Greeting

Are you trying to have a strong and positive online presence? If you’re in a job search, you definitely should focus on your “Google juice.”

In other words, what do people find when they search for you online? Fortunately, this is in your control.

One important thing you can do is to have a personal website or blog. A great option is to register the domain that consists of your name “” This provides a great way to showcase yourself for anyone who may be looking for you (especially potential legal employers).

Another method is to create an audio …

Online Networking with JibberJobber – Part 3

This is Part 3 in a series of posts on Jason Alba’s Career Toolset, JibberJobber. Check out Part 1 and Part 2

I think I’ve covered the basics of JibberJobber, so this final post is really to highlight a couple things I didn’t get to yet.

First, JibberJobber has a neat online “Library.” Basically, users input links, articles, and books that they find interesting. You can share your library items with others or keep them …

Online Networking with JibberJobber – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series of posts on Jason Alba’s Career Toolset, JibberJobber. Check back soon for future posts in this series.

Yep, it has been almost two months since Part 1 of my JibberJobber series. Sorry for the delay.

If you recall, Part 1 focused on using JibberJobber to manage and track your networking contacts. In Part 2, I’m going to highlight some other cool features of the service.

Track companies

Part of a job …

What I Learned – The Perfect Job Will Find You

The ever-cool Ben Yoskovitz is hosting a group writing project over at Instigator Blog. It’s entitled What Did You Learn This Year?. Here’s my “teachable moment” (as Mrs. Enis, my high school math teacher, always said).

The perfect job will find YOU

Yep, you read it right. If you lay your cards on the table and focus your energy on getting the perfect job, it will find you. Don’t think that you can sit back and …

Networking Carnival Approaches

Everybody loves the carnival, right?! That’s why I’m hosting the Networking Carnival right here at Legal Andrew.

Get free publicity

A carnival is a great way to help build traffic to your blog. All you do is write a post on the topic and submit it to the host. The host then links to the posts from his blog. This provides a central location for everyone to go see that edition of the carnival. Everyone gets links, more traffic, and more publicity.

If you’ve read Blawg Review, it’s the same concept.

Check …

The Easy Way to be Interesting, Make Networking Easier

There is a great article over at Lifehack, providing some easy tips to be more interesting. Give these a quick read and consider implementing some of them in your life. Some great benefits might be meeting new and interesting people, and also being able to converse easier with others. Your networking efforts will thank you.

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