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Networking Carnival Approaches

Everybody loves the carnival, right?! That’s why I’m hosting the Networking Carnival right here at Legal Andrew.

Get free publicity

A carnival is a great way to help build traffic to your blog. All you do is write a post on the topic and submit it to the host. The host then links to the posts from his blog. This provides a central location for everyone to go see that edition of the carnival. Everyone gets links, more traffic, and more publicity.

If you’ve read Blawg Review, it’s the same concept.

Check out the details

The carnival will go live right here on January 4, 2006. That’s right, you only have a couple weeks left; OK, three weeks.

All you have to do is email me the link to your post. That’s it!

Try to get your submissions in by December 31, 2005. That will give me time to come up with a creative carnival format. But if you’re running behind due to holiday festivities, send your post anyway. The more the merrier!

Be sure your post is about networking, and try to tie it into this prompt:

A new year has begun. Instead of doing the typical New Year’s resolution, let’s focus on something a bit different. Let’s help out the people who are new to networking. Provide your best tip to help networking newbies start the year right.

I’ll post another reminder or two before the deadline, but get a jump on things and start writing!

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