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Online Networking with JibberJobber – Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series of posts on Jason Alba’s Career Toolset, JibberJobber. Check back soon for future posts in this series.

Yep, it has been almost two months since Part 1 of my JibberJobber series. Sorry for the delay.

If you recall, Part 1 focused on using JibberJobber to manage and track your networking contacts. In Part 2, I’m going to highlight some other cool features of the service.

Track companies

Part of a job search is to know what companies you are looking into. JibberJobber helps you with that.

You can input prospective companies, recruiters, and job boards through JibberJobber’s “Companies” menu. More than that, you can add contacts for each prospective company. This makes it easy as pie to keep track of all the different people who are crucial to your future job.

If you didn’t think that was cool enough, just check out the “Show On Map” function that will display everything on an embedded Google map. Cool, right? This makes it easy to travel to different companies on an interview or networking trip.

Save jobs

Jason’s handy features don’t end there. What good is saving a company, if you can’t save the job details? JibberJobber takes care of you there, too.

Once you have a company in your database, you can easily add a job. You can add job details, categorize it, rank it, etc. As with companies, you can even upload a document from your computer and link it to the job. Perhaps you have a Word document of job requirements; that can be saved in JibberJobber with the job.

More to come

If you haven’t checked out JibberJobber, be sure to register. You’ll get a free account, plus a 2-week premium membership. What better way to boost start your job search?

Stay tuned here for more details on this awesome career tool. Part 3 will be coming at you soon.

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    December 26th, 2006

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