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Enhance Your Online Presence With a Video Greeting

Are you trying to have a strong and positive online presence? If you’re in a job search, you definitely should focus on your “Google juice.”

In other words, what do people find when they search for you online? Fortunately, this is in your control.

One important thing you can do is to have a personal website or blog. A great option is to register the domain that consists of your name “johndoe.com.” This provides a great way to showcase yourself for anyone who may be looking for you (especially potential legal employers).

Another method is to create an audio resume, using the tool I mentioned a few days ago.

Something I have definitely overlooked is to create a video greeting. Chris Brogan just wrote about this concept at Lifehack:

YouTube is one of the most misunderstood pieces of software out there. It’s not TV. It’s a video sharing platform. Record whatever you want. But here’s a trick: why not record a video saying who you are, what you’re into, or what you do for work. Why not make it interesting, funny, or relevant? Post it, and then post the link to the video on your blog and your MySpace. A video greeting, so to speak, does wonders for adding some dimension to who you are.

A video greeting is definitely a unique and interesting way to showcase yourself online. You can be creative, show off your speaking abilities, and illustrate your outgoing personality. Why not give it a try?

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7 Responses to “Enhance Your Online Presence With a Video Greeting”

  1. Chris Brogan...
    January 2nd, 2007

    Hi Andrew! These are some great ideas you’ve come up with. Thanks for sharing the audio resume tool, as well.

  2. [...] Video as a nice little introduction Jump to Comments Alot of people are still confused on the variety of uses of video, thinking that all its goof foris funny homemade video or finding lost episodes on TV. But Video is truely away to connect with people. IT evokes emotions and feelings that audio and the written word alone can no conjure. That why I realy like this idea of a video greeting from a Legal Andrew,  blog targeting prospective lawyers. A video resume should be seen as an introduction, a quick elevator pitch. And as with most intrductions, try to be concise and memorable. [...]

  3. Andrew Flusche
    January 2nd, 2007


    I’m glad you liked the post. I’ve always enjoyed your writing. You come up with great ideas and neat insights on things.

    Thanks for commenting,

  4. Rico
    January 3rd, 2007

    Great idea. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can convey with video! :-o

  5. Andrew Flusche
    January 3rd, 2007


    Those are my sentiments exactly. Now I just have to get some way to record video. I guess I should get a digital camera first, then a webcam. :)

    Thanks for commenting,

  6. Rico
    January 3rd, 2007

    If you’re open to suggestions, A4 has this really cheap yet decent webcam. :) We use that in our net cafe, and as long as the lighting’s good, you’ll get clear pics.

  7. Andrew Flusche
    January 4th, 2007


    I do appreciate the suggestion. I’ll definitely keep this one in mind. This is the next purchase on my tech list, so hopefully I’ll get to it soon.


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