Productivity for Students – Slick New Blog

If you’re a student looking to improve your productivity, read on!

A Legal Andrew reader just notified me about a slick blog for all the students out there. It’s The Productive Student.

Honestly, when I received Arjun’s email, I thought the blog would be just another boring, stale-template website. It’s anything but that!

I think Arjun has hit the sweet spot of quality content and slick design. I’m certainly impressed!

Here are a few articles that caught my eye….

New Business Card Ideas

A reader responded to my article about law student business cards, and she asked some very thoughtful questions. In fact, there are some good ideas here for everyone to consider.

Business card and address

First of all, should your business card contain your address?

Let me answer that question with a question: Does it need to?

When you’re designing a professional business card, you should always remember the purpose. You want people to be able to contact you. How are people most …

Fastcase Customer Service – The CEO Called

I wrote the other day about a customer service snafu I encountered with the legal research company called Fastcase. They definitely redeemed themselves!

The day after my post went up, the Fastcase CEO called me. He had read my post and wanted to see how he could resolve the situation. Cool!

The history

Apparently Fastcase did have a security issue a while ago, so they implemented an automatic data cutoff. They did this to prevent people from bringing down the system during the night and interrupting access to legitimate users.

Here’s the neat part: no legitimate users had …

Reward Customers with… Deactivation?!

Update – June 8, 11:20am The Fastcase CEO called to resolve this issue! :)

What if you found a company that provides a product you love? In fact, you love it so much, that you come in to buy it several times every day.

But the company’s security has a policy to prevent shoplifting: any patrons who enter the store more than once per day are automatically locked out. WHAT?! You’ve just been locked out of the store because …

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