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Fastcase Customer Service – The CEO Called

I wrote the other day about a customer service snafu I encountered with the legal research company called Fastcase. They definitely redeemed themselves!

The day after my post went up, the Fastcase CEO called me. He had read my post and wanted to see how he could resolve the situation. Cool!

The history

Apparently Fastcase did have a security issue a while ago, so they implemented an automatic data cutoff. They did this to prevent people from bringing down the system during the night and interrupting access to legitimate users.

Here’s the neat part: no legitimate users had even come close to the cutoff limit before. I was the first legitimate user to be cutoff.

Great customer service

I can now confidently endorse Fastcase’s customer service, as well as their product. Here’s why:

1. Responding quickly. The CEO himself called me within 12 hours of my post going up.

2. Open to ideas. Since I was the first person to run into the security measure, Fastcase simply hadn’t realized that it would cause problems for users. They aren’t ignorant; I just added a new, unique piece of data for them.

3. Fixing the problem. Most importantly, Fastcase restored my access to the sytem. And now they are researching ways to improve their security without impacting users.

Not like Lexis and Westlaw

Have their CEO’s ever called you?

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