Let’s Share and Discover with Google Reader

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Are you looking for ways to discover new ideas? Do you like sharing discoveries with your friends?

Behold, Google Reader!

In case you haven’t heard, Reader is Google’s solution for reading RSS feeds. It will collect all your favorite news, website updates, and blog posts. And it’s all in your web browser, as easy as reading email. Of course there’s an awesome mobile version too.

Did you know that Reader also enables easy sharing? Whenever you’re reading an item, just click the little “share” button at …

11 Exercises for Your Email Inbox

Photo by Jam Adams
Now that you’ve deleted useless emails and unsubscribed from pointless lists, it’s time to focus on your inbox. This is email command central. If you can’t tame it, you’re sunk.

Unfortunately, you can’t just whip your inbox into shape and have it stay that way. You need to create the proper habits. It’s time for your inbox to get exercising!

1. Wait to check it. Don’t open the inbox when you first walk …

Eliminate Email Newsletters – Unsubscribe or RSS

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In yesterday’s post, we talked about deleting useless emails. Today’s continuation of the Email Checkup series focuses on email subscriptions. They plague your inbox. But should they?

Unsubscribe, really

It probably took you a long time to subscribe to dozens of email newsletters and alerting services. But it will be quick to unsubscribe. Just click the little link at the bottom of each email.

Unsubscribe from those emails and see what happens. Your inbox will be cleaner. Will you miss …

Emails You Should Delete NOW

Photo by Rafa from Brazil
If you’re not suffering from email overload, you must not have an email account. Pat yourself on the back, leave the library computer you’re reading this on, and go oil your typewriter.

For everyone else, I’m ending 2007 with a new series on managing email overflow. Close your email and pay attention. I guarantee these tips will help you start 2008 with a cleaner inbox.

Find the delete key

Do you remember the days when you got an email or two per day? I’ll bet you saved every …

Top 10 Must-Join Websites of 2007

Photo by Stabilo Boss

That’s right: there isn’t a single site you MUST join this year.

A year in review

2007 saw millions of new websites launched. Thousands of them made major splashes even in old media formats like television and newspapers.

And you received hundreds (maybe thousands?) of email invitations to join these websites. Everyone’s doing it! Don’t you love the peer pressure?!

But did you succumb? Did you accept every invitation?

Turn them down!

If you value productivity and actually being able to live your life, turn down those countless email invites. Don’t …

Easily Track Legislation, Congressmen, and Issues

Photo by fernando
If you’re interested in federal legislation, I’ve got a website for you: GovTrack.us. I don’t know how I lived without it!

What it does

GovTrack catalogs data on the U.S. Congress and presents it in a variety of useful formats. It’s a lot like Thomas, which is run by the Library of Congress.

But GovTrack does so much more!

Instead of just letting you do a variety of searches, like by subject or looking at voting records, GovTrack actually tracks legislation that is important to you!

Think about it: 535 …

Evaluate Your Company – Shake Out Irresponsibility

Photo by citron bleu
If you’ve been in the workforce for any length of time, you’ve dealt with corporate responsibility. “Whose job is that?” “Who has to approve this?” “How many signatures do I need?”

There’s a horrible trend in companies (and law firms) to pass the buck AND usurp power. Everyone wants the power, but nobody wants to take responsibility … until the project succeeds, of course!

I’m not an expert in corporate efficiency or making people happy, but I’d like to offer some thoughts on the subject anyway. If …

Lawyer-Bloggers Beware: Don’t Criticize a Judge

Photo by Joe Gratz
Many people think the internet is free from laws and restrictions. That just isn’t the case.

Check out this story from Florida’s Sun-Sentinel. A lawyer blogged about a local judge, calling her an “evil, unfair witch,” among other things. Now the Florida Bar is evaluating five ethics charges against the lawyer-blogger.

What did he do wrong?

In short, the lawyer wasn’t civil.

Even though many people think lawyers are lying, cheating jerks, we’re really not a bad bunch. And our ethics rules are intended to make sure we behave appropriately. …

Make a Good Name for Yourself at Work

Photo by dziner
Whether you’re working in a mega law firm or a tiny non-profit office, you need to have a positive image among your coworkers. If you’re known as the lazy butt or the slob, your career won’t go far. But if you follow these tips, your public image will shine.

Clean your desk – How can you be productive with mounds of papers all over your desk? Your coworkers will wonder the same thing. And if they give you something important, will it get lost in the shuffle? Keeping …

Cool Gifts for Lawyers and Professionals

Is there a lawyer on your shopping list? If I’m anything like other attorneys, we’re a hard group to shop for. So I picked out a few things you might consider for the lawyer on your Christmas list.

Chopsticks in your pocket

To start off this list, here’s a cool set of chopsticks for Chinese-food-loving attorneys. Long nights of document review inevitably end up in Chinese take out. But now you can eat in style!

Unscrew the end of the chopstick, and …

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