AIM Buddies in Google Talk!!


No longer do you have to run two chat clients. As this announcement from Google confirms, you can now chat with your AIM buddies right from the chat window in Gmail.

Score one for simplicity!!

If you’d ever like to chat with me, I’m on GTalk ( and AIM (andrewfflusche). I’m on Skype sometimes, but not very often (aflusche).

If I don’t have your chat screen name, send it on over or drop a comment below. I’d love to get to know you better.

Imprisoned for Life by Loaning a Car – Felony Murder

Photo by Johnny Grim
I just received a great email from a new reader, Ashish. He pointed out an interesting article from the NY Times. It’s about a guy who loaned his car to a friend. Then the friend committed a burglary, which turned violent and ended in murder. Now the car owner is serving life for murder.

Ashish then asked about the law behind this case and whether or not it applies in Massachusetts. In short, the answer is yes.

Felony murder

As the Times …

Ingenious Point-of-Sale Donation Tactic

Photo by Mindful One
Many retail stores cooperate with charities, especially during the holidays. When you’re checking out with your purchases, they ask the familiar question: “Would you like to donate $1 for…”?

I’ve never donated.

Until now.

A few days ago I was shopping with my wife. When we paid for our stuff, the cashier asked us a different question: “Would you like to round up to donate to…”? It was such a cool tactic, that I had to say yes!

I can’t even remember what the charity was – I think something to help …

Vote for the Best Law Student Blog

My great friend, Brett McKay, was nominated by the American Bar Association as having one of the best law student blogs. Over at The Frugal Law Student, he writes about managing his personal finances as a graduate student.

Voting runs until January 2, and Brett’s sitting in a close 2nd place position. That’s why we need to vote for him!

He’s had a quality blog for several years now. And he’s a solid guy.

The current 1st place law student blog is run by several third year students who just whine and complain about their …

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