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Ingenious Point-of-Sale Donation Tactic

donation box

Photo by Mindful One

Many retail stores cooperate with charities, especially during the holidays. When you’re checking out with your purchases, they ask the familiar question: “Would you like to donate $1 for…”?

I’ve never donated.

Until now.

A few days ago I was shopping with my wife. When we paid for our stuff, the cashier asked us a different question: “Would you like to round up to donate to…”? It was such a cool tactic, that I had to say yes!

I can’t even remember what the charity was – I think something to help clothe kids. But I donated a few cents because it was just a few cents. Heck, they weren’t even asking for a whole dollar from me. They just wanted me to round up to the nearest dollar and give the change to the charity. What kind of miser would I be if I refused?!

This is like the ubiquitous tactic for pricing goods. You always see $9.95 instead of $10. Psychologically, it’s a better deal. You’re only saving 5 cents, but your brain thinks you’re saving an entire dollar. For the same reason, just a few cents seems like nothing, compared to a full dollar.

What about you? Do you donate $1 for a charity when asked? Or have you heard cool donation tactics like this one? Let’s talk!

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