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Zen to Done – Productivity at its Simplest

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I’m a 25-year-old …

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There are cool things that I run across and want to share with you. But many of them are short or wouldn’t fit my themes at Legal Andrew.

Twitter (follow aflusche) allows me to share some of them, but not very well. And I’m falling off the Twitter bandwagon again. It just interrupts my day too much.

But now I have a tumblelog (feed). It allows me to share tons of cool things with the world, in just a few seconds.

Courtesy of Tubmlr, …

My Latest Project – Call Center Consultant

I want to apologize to all of you awesome readers. I haven’t written much lately. But I’ve been busy.

Brandon Hopkins and I have been working on a joint venture: Call Center Consultant. We’re taking a PR 0 domain and trying to turn it into a money-maker in one month.

We started out with a few goals, so we could determine if our work was successful. By November 30, we wanted to have 2,000 unique visitors, 150 articles online, and $100 in revenue.

It’s now November 22, and we’re having some …

Digg Has What It Takes – Login Memory

Digg is clearly the largest social news site. It drives tons of traffic, has millions of users, and regularly crashes web servers with its influx of traffic. But what makes Digg better than the plethora of Digg clones out there?

Digg keeps users logged in.

Propeller always logs me out periodically. Then I have to go through the hassle of logging in again. The same goes for Sk*rt (and what’s with that name!?). And Sphinn makes me login almost every visit.

But I never have to re-login at Digg.

I have …

Creative Business Card Idea

Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the wrong profession. Maybe I should have gone into marketing. I sure love neat marketing techniques.

Check out the cool business card idea I found through AdverBox. It’s a business card for a landscaping company. But it’s more than a standard business card.

These guys are creative! They made a business-card-sized seed packet and emblazoned it with some catchy typography. Include some seeds, and you’re done. This is a business card the recipient will remember!

Always be creative

People love …

Zen to Done – Productivity at its Simplest

Are you overwhelmed by projects, tasks, and deadlines? But is GTD too complex and confusing for you? It’s time you went for a simple productivity system: Zen to Done (ZTD).

Written by Leo Babauta of the popular Zen Habits site, Zen to Done focuses on a core set of productive habits. At its simplest, ZTD is only 4 habits that you implement in your daily life. To become a productivity master, advance to 10 habits. You’ll then truly achieve zenful productivity in all areas of …

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