West Virginia Lunch and Break Laws

Over at our main lunch, break, and hour law post, a reader just posted a great question. I decided that it deserved a full answer in a separate post. Ginger from West Virginia writes:

I live in West Virginia and I work 10-12 hour days. My employer only gives me a half hour unpaid lunch break and sometimes he has us to cut our lunch short. When he has us take a 10-15 lunch break, we do not get paid for it. I thought that in WV, for every …

I Need You – Guide This Blog

Thanks to you great readers, Legal Andrew has been trucking along for well over a year. After 649 posts, I have decided to revamp the site. But I need your input!

My two main goals with these changes are to enhance your experience and present a stronger, more professional brand of myself.

I’ve got plenty of ideas and aspirations, but I want your feedback throughout the entire process. That means I should start gathering opinions and suggestions now. Here are a few questions I’ve been pondering:

If you could change one thing at Legal Andrew, what would it be?

How …

8 Random Facts About Andrew Flusche

Ferdinand tagged me with a round of bloggy tag. I’m pretty late in responding, but here we go!

*** begin quote ***
The Rules:
1. Post these rules before you give you the facts.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names (linking to them).
4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!
*** end quote ***

1. I dropped out of pre-school. But then I went on to get a JD from the University of Virginia Law School. I never liked school, but …

Fight and Beat a Speeding Ticket

You were just caught speeding and now you’ve got a ticket. What do you do?! You’re going to fight it and beat that speeding ticket. Here’s how:

Disclaimer: This is only for educational purposes, and no results are guaranteed. As of this writing, I am not a licensed attorney.

Pull it over

You’ve got to have the proper mindset from the get-go. We’ll first back up and look at how you should behave if you get pulled over for a speeding violation.

Be polite. This is the cardinal rule throughout the entire speeding ticket fight. Be polite, courteous, …

Best Free PDF Creation Software

If you don’t have the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you can still create PDF files from virtually anything on your computer. Just download a free PDF creator.

I’ve tried several of these in the past, but I just stumbled on one that takes the cake: doPDF.

doPDF is a newer contender in the PDF creation market, but it’s won my vote. The download is small, it installs in a snap, and it works every time. What else could a guy want?

Sidebar – Fun Lawyer Comics

Are you looking for something to brighten up your day? You’re in luck! I did a little research and found some lawyer comics for you.

Stu’s Views has a nice collection of lawyer and legal cartoons. They’re even organized by topic. There are some nice ones under constitutional law.

Juris Comics also draws lawyer comics. They don’t have as many available online, but they’re still worth a peek.

Finally, check out LawComix Scribble-in-Law. These comics are a bit more up my alley, since the creator spends more time on the message and humor …

Join Professional Organizations Early

When you join a new profession, it’s important to consider what professional organizations to join. And do this early! I’m going through this process right now, so here are a few things I’m considering.

Plan long term

Don’t just think of yourself as having a job. Plan for your long term career. What organizations might be helpful as that career evolves? Where might you make contacts who could help with job leads in the future?

Don’t forget local

In our global society, it’s easy to forget that we live in a smaller community. Your town and state probably …

15 Tips for an Easy Move

Are you about to move? Do you want a way to make it quick and easy? Too bad I can’t give you that.

But I can give you some tips that I’ve learned. Hopefully these will help your move go a little easier.

Throw away – Do it early and do it often. We all have more stuff than we need, so get rid of some.
Sell – Some of your extra stuff might be valuable, so get a little money out of it. Craigslist is your friend here.
Donate – Be sure to donate some of your …

BigContacts Will Super-Size Your Contacts

My new job is going to be heavy with networking, meeting people, and connecting with others. So I need a killer system to track all of this activity. That’s what got me searching for a strong contact manager.

One of the only good things about Outlook is the contact manager. I love Gmail, but its contacts system seriously stinks. But I’ve found a system that beats them all!

BigContacts is the most robust, powerful, but simple contact manager I’ve ever used. It can track everything you ever wanted to know about a contact, email them, send …

Oxygenics Showerhead, a GREAT Shower Accessory

This is NOT a sponsored. I’m just thrilled with this product!

Are you looking for a small home improvement that will provide great benefits? If so, order yourself an Oxygenics showerhead!

We just moved into a new rental townhouse. It’s a pretty nice place to live, but our shower head was pitiful. It put out a tiny trickle of water, and not a steady trickle like those spiffy rain shower heads. This thing was more like a broken water gun, barely squirting enough water to soak your hair….

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