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15 Tips for an Easy Move

Are you about to move? Do you want a way to make it quick and easy? Too bad I can’t give you that.

But I can give you some tips that I’ve learned. Hopefully these will help your move go a little easier.

  • Throw away – Do it early and do it often. We all have more stuff than we need, so get rid of some.
  • Sell – Some of your extra stuff might be valuable, so get a little money out of it. Craigslist is your friend here.
  • Donate – Be sure to donate some of your unused stuff to charity, like Good Will or the Salvation Army. You could even give it to your church’s rummage sale.
  • Start early – Don’t wait until moving day to pack. Begin packing early, especially things you don’t need daily.
  • Buy baggies – Get sandwhich baggies & larger freezer bags. Use them to keep hardware together for the bed or for storing items such as shower curtain rings.
  • Hire help – Give yourself and your friends a break by hiring temporary labor for loading & loading.
  • Reserve equipment – You can’t rely on equipment availability, especially during heavy moving season. Reserve your truck or trailer to save stress on moving day.
  • Fill holes with caulk – Don’t bother with a putty knife and spackel. Fill sheetrock nail holes with a squeezable tube of caulk. Less mess, and easier cleanup.
  • Get a dolly – For only a few dollars, you can rent a utility dolly. Don’t even try moving boxes without one.
  • Extra boxes – You don’t want to run out of boxes, so get more than you think you’ll need. Many places give 100% of your money back for unused boxes.
  • Barter for help – If hiring laborers is too expensive, barter with your labor. Help someone else move, in return for them helping you.
  • Split it up – Even if you’re moving locally, load and unload on separate days. That spreads out the work and gives you more time for the move.
  • Label clearly – Buy several Sharpies and label every box you pack. Include the room where it goes, along with a couple words about what’s inside.
  • Hardware box – Keep all your furniture hardware, picture hangers, and other gizmos in one box. This will make setup at your new place much quicker.
  • Toilet paper – Make it findable! Even if you think you’ll remember which box you put it in, label it clearly. Put a couple rolls in another box. Put another roll in the truck cab. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a roll at your new place.

Do you have any great moving tips? Let’s share them with each other. What else are the comments for?

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