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Oxygenics Showerhead, a GREAT Shower Accessory

This is NOT a sponsored. I’m just thrilled with this product!

Are you looking for a small home improvement that will provide great benefits? If so, order yourself an Oxygenics showerhead!

We just moved into a new rental townhouse. It’s a pretty nice place to live, but our shower head was pitiful. It put out a tiny trickle of water, and not a steady trickle like those spiffy rain shower heads. This thing was more like a broken water gun, barely squirting enough water to soak your hair.

To fix the problem, we went shopping for a new showerhead. Our requirements were pretty simple: a blasting jet of water. We weren’t looking for a rainfall shower head or a hand held shower head. We just wanted a strong, steady stream of water.

That’s when we found the Oxygenics Elite Showerhead (pictured at right). For only $34.99, we got a slick looking showerhead that has a great warranty backing it. But the real test came when we got it home.

Installation was a snap. I quickly removed the old shower head and cleaned the pipe. Then I wrapped the threads with Oxygenics’ included Teflon tape. I didn’t even need a wrench to screw the Oxygenics Elite Showerhead onto the pipe. And we were ready to go!

I got to give this unit its first test, and I was quite impressed. For just a few dollars, we turned the tiny dribble of water into a steady jet of pressurized H2O. It’s not quite to the level of a massaging shower head, but it suits our needs just fine. It was well worth the investment!

The Oxygenics Elite Showerhead won’t improve your productivity, and it’s not related to the law, but it’s a killer bath fixture.

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One Response to “Oxygenics Showerhead, a GREAT Shower Accessory”

  1. Dane Carlson
    August 20th, 2007

    Thanks for the excellent review.

    The Oxygenics showerhead is also available online at http://www.oxygenics.com.

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