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Sidebar – Fun Lawyer Comics

Are you looking for something to brighten up your day? You’re in luck! I did a little research and found some lawyer comics for you.

Stu’s Views has a nice collection of lawyer and legal cartoons. They’re even organized by topic. There are some nice ones under constitutional law.

Juris Comics also draws lawyer comics. They don’t have as many available online, but they’re still worth a peek.

Finally, check out LawComix Scribble-in-Law. These comics are a bit more up my alley, since the creator spends more time on the message and humor than they drawing. Still funny!

Do you have a favorite comic site? Share it with us!

Update (Aug. 13, 11:20p) – Stephanie West Allen posted some great lawyer fun on her blog last Thursday. Thanks for the link, Stephanie!

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