Make Yourself Stand Out in Your Job Search

How do you get noticed in your job search (legal or otherwise)? Make yourself stand out. The answer is simple enough, but getting there is definitely not simple, unless you know where to look. Literally.

Over at Ask Uncle Bill, there is a great post about finding a great job by searching where you can win. The gist of the article is that you will have better luck finding a job when you look in …

Tips for Writing the Best Legal Resume

Have you updated your resume lately? If you’re a law student, the answer to this question should be “yes”. In fact, I think everyone should update their resume at least every six months. You never know when a new opportunity or contact might spring up; you need to be able to quickly provide your resume so you don’t miss out.

I ran across a pretty good list of resume tips at CR/\VE. These tips do not focus …

Exchange Lawyer and Client Info – The Information Ring

How often do you forget to give (or get) a business card from a new person you just met? Perhaps you remember the person’s name, but you cannot find their phone number anywhere. Did you just meet a great new lawyer contact at a bar association gathering? Perhaps you ran into a potential client. With a simple handshake, your information needs are solved.

The “Information Ring”, from designer Hideaki Matsui, solves the problem of exchanging information between two people. Simply wear the ring and shake hands. As …

Print Anywhere Using PrinterAnywhere

Thanks to Law Student, I found this awesome new program that lets you print on your home printer from anywhere you have internet access: PrinterAnywhere.

Basically, you just install the program on your home computer that is connected to your printer, then set the printer to “shared” (within PrinterAnywhere). Then, you install the program on your mobile computer. Whenever you want to print using your home printer, simply use PrinterAnywhere to send your print job over the internet to your home printer. Neat, right?

Two Computers?!?!

The downside to this …

Instant Messaging in the Law Office

Got IM? Do you use an instant messaging program without your employer’s knowledge? Is IM crucial to your daily productivity? Could you survive a single day without your favorite IM program?

I ran across two articles today that intersect on this controversial subject. Thus, I wanted to highlight them and try to link them together. But first, let me be fair and mention that I have not used IM for about 4-5 years now. I am definitely not an IM proponent.

What do you do with it?

First, Web Worker Daily has an …

Being a Connected Lawyer, with Technology

Grant Griffiths has a great article over at Home Office Lawyer that explains his take on being a “connected” lawyer. Obviously, in today’s age, this entails effectively using technology to remain in contact with clients and courts. Two of his tips that I really like revolve around synchronizing multiple computers (to make sure all your files are up-to-date) and the virtue of using videoconferencing. This is definitely a must-read.

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Lawyer Unconference: Ideas From an (Un)lawyer

A couple weeks ago, Grant Griffiths of Home Office Lawyer proposed organizing an unconference for lawyers. The idea is now taking root. It is amazing who quickly something can proceed from the idea of an individual to a project orchestrated by many people, all with the aid of technology.

I chimed in and suggested that law students should be invited, hopefully with some of the unevent appealing to the questions and issues that us novices are confronted with. I am honored that Matt Homann (yep, of …

BlackBerry Addiction: Coming to an Office Near You

Do you have a BlackBerry? Do you find yourself addicted to the tiny keyboard and blinking red light? Does your “CrackBerry” sit on your nightstand at night, in case an email arrives while you dreamily sleep through the early morning? You just might have BlackBerry addiction.

Human Law found an interesting article from the Independent concerning the rising numbers of people addicted to their BlackBerries. To make the situation more interesting, it seems like some …

Don’t Make These Mistakes While Job Hunting

Over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Jim linked to a great post entitled 5 Mistakes College Grads Make When Looking for a Job (from The Ivey Files). The focus of Anna Ivey’s tips are on college graduates, but they easily (and importantly) apply to law school students as well.

My personal favorite is the last one: bad voicemail greetings. While I have luckily never fallen prey to this, I know it happens to people. It’s fun to have …

Personal Development Carnival

Be sure to check out yesterday’s Personal Development Carnival, where you can find awesome articles to help in your personal development. One featured article is my post on warming up prior to public speaking. Wander over and see if anything peaks your interest.

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