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Print Anywhere Using PrinterAnywhere

Thanks to Law Student, I found this awesome new program that lets you print on your home printer from anywhere you have internet access: PrinterAnywhere.

Basically, you just install the program on your home computer that is connected to your printer, then set the printer to “shared” (within PrinterAnywhere). Then, you install the program on your mobile computer. Whenever you want to print using your home printer, simply use PrinterAnywhere to send your print job over the internet to your home printer. Neat, right?

Two Computers?!?!

The downside to this for law students would most likely be that we don’t usually have a home computer and a mobile computer. Usually we get by with just our trusty laptop. However, if you have a spouse whose computer stays at home, this might be just the ticket for you.

I know that on many occasions I have wanted to print something while I was away from home. It might be something for class, a bill, a receipt from an online purchase, etc. Regardless, I would always have to find some way to “save” the printout for later and remind myself to print it when I got home. No longer.

Paper Jam!

A final problem that comes to mind with this system is that your home printer might not have the correct paper loaded in it when your print job comes through. For example, your spouse might be at home printing envelopes or labels. You decide to print out your course outline from school (to your home printer). Before you know it, your whole stack of expensive labels now have contracts notes all over them.

To my delight, PrinterAnywhere has a solution for this problem. When setting up the printer share at home, you can tell the program to only print a job when it has been “authorized” by the home computer. Thus, your spouse would see your job come through, could load the correct paper in the printer, and then let it print. I assume that if no one is at the computer your job will just wait until sometime either prints or deletes it.

Small Firm Use?

This system might also be useful for small law firms. Instead of emailing documents back and forth, you can just shoot someone a printout of whatever they might need. I am sure you have times when someone needs a document, but you don’t want them to have an electronic copy of it. PrinterAnywhere solves this problem, essentially replacing (and outdoing) the fax machine.

What do you think of this printing solution? Do you have a different method for solving remote printing problems? Please let us know with a comment or drop me a line.

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3 Responses to “Print Anywhere Using PrinterAnywhere”

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  2. Tim
    December 8th, 2006

    The big push is now to go paperless.

    Why don’t you print to a pdf file?

    I find myself constantly scanning paper docuemnts into my computer and then shredding them.

  3. Andrew F
    December 9th, 2006


    I completely agree that paperless is the way to go. Not only does it save money & help the environment, but it’s more convenient most of the time.

    With that said, there are still sometimes that we just have to print. Some people can’t handle electronic documents, or they need to snail mail them somewhere. That’s where handy printing utilities like this can be useful.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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