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Lawyer Unconference: Ideas From an (Un)lawyer

A couple weeks ago, Grant Griffiths of Home Office Lawyer proposed organizing an unconference for lawyers. The idea is now taking root. It is amazing who quickly something can proceed from the idea of an individual to a project orchestrated by many people, all with the aid of technology.

I chimed in and suggested that law students should be invited, hopefully with some of the unevent appealing to the questions and issues that us novices are confronted with. I am honored that Matt Homann (yep, of the [non]billable hour) has asked me to post a list of ideas in this regard. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on a few things that might appeal to unlawyers (or prelawyers, more appropriately).


What about doing contract, or piecemeal, work for another attorney? Is it a good idea, especially for just starting out? How do you get connected with contract opportunities?


Home office or rental space? If home office, where can you meet clients? Doesn’t space in an office building bring some credibility?


Everyone knows to join the local Bar Association, but what else can you do, especially as a young, beginning solo?


The classic chicken-and-the-egg problem: If you want clients, you need experience, but to get experience, you need clients. Or is this a myth? Can you start a solo practice right out of law school?


How can you take the leap to a solo practice, but still provide for your family? Can a beginner solo support the family without his/her spouse working as well?


Do you really need a year’s expenses in the bank before hanging up the shingle? What if that requires selling everything and living/working out of a cardboard box?

What Else?

I’m sure you guys have other ideas and concerns. Surely some of you have thought about starting your own firm. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments or drop me a line.

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