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Tips for Writing the Best Legal Resume

Have you updated your resume lately? If you’re a law student, the answer to this question should be “yes”. In fact, I think everyone should update their resume at least every six months. You never know when a new opportunity or contact might spring up; you need to be able to quickly provide your resume so you don’t miss out.

I ran across a pretty good list of resume tips at CR/\VE. These tips do not focus on a specific industry (like law), but they do apply to all resumes and positions. Be sure to read them and see if your resume complies with their suggestions. Your future career might be waiting for you.

My favorite tip provided (of the seven!) is to customize your resume and cover letter to suit the employer (and position, if known). A few tidbits of advice:

* Compare the prerequisites of the job posting with your resume. Make sure that the necessary keywords and duties are present.
* You can also adjust the wording within your resume Objective to match the position. This may include changing the position title you are seeking or stressing a different set of experiences or skill sets to catch an employer’s attention.
* You may also want to adjust titles and headings on the resume to match the position for which you’re applying

Essentially, you want to synchronize your job materials with the employer and position in which you are interested. I have written about synchronizing with a person before (here, and here). You should tailor your resume in much the same fashion as your in-person communication with someone. Figure out the way they think and then present yourself in that light. Definitely remember that you are not lying, but simply presenting yourself in the terms most understandable to the employer.

Do you have some favorite resume tips? Please post a comment or drop me a line to share them with us.

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