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BlackBerry Addiction: Coming to an Office Near You

Do you have a BlackBerry? Do you find yourself addicted to the tiny keyboard and blinking red light? Does your “CrackBerry” sit on your nightstand at night, in case an email arrives while you dreamily sleep through the early morning? You just might have BlackBerry addiction.

Human Law found an interesting article from the Independent concerning the rising numbers of people addicted to their BlackBerries. To make the situation more interesting, it seems like some British employees are actually suing their employers for getting them addicted to those happy email devices.

This is not the first time I have written about BlackBerries harming people, but this is the first instance I have seen of employers being sued for it.

In the end, I cannot help but wonder about consent by the employees. If you willingly accept a BlackBerry (don’t most employers offer a choice?), do you really have room to complain about the effects it has on your life? Maybe this is an unfortunate price people must pay for constant connectivity. I think some people are addicted to their cell phones. Perhaps they should sue their wireless providers. I’m sensing some mass torts coming along.

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