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Don’t Make These Mistakes While Job Hunting

Over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, Jim linked to a great post entitled 5 Mistakes College Grads Make When Looking for a Job (from The Ivey Files). The focus of Anna Ivey’s tips are on college graduates, but they easily (and importantly) apply to law school students as well.

My personal favorite is the last one: bad voicemail greetings. While I have luckily never fallen prey to this, I know it happens to people. It’s fun to have casual or humorous voicemail greetings while in college, but legal recruiters do not look too kindly on such things (after all, you’ll have a voicemail greeting at their firm, if they hire you). Thus, it is critical to give recruiters the best phone number to reach you, and then make sure that the voicemail greeting is professional and courteous. Simply say something like “Hello, this is Andrew. Please leave a message and I will return your call.”

Be sure to head over to Anna’s site to check out the rest of the tips. Also, head to Jim’s site for awesome tips on being wise with your newfound money after graduating from law school.

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  1. [...] Don’t Make These Mistakes While Job Hunting [...]

  2. Quatar jobs
    October 31st, 2008

    This are some interesting tips. so thanks for this tips and for the site. thanks

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