Month in Review – February

Another month has gone by. It’s time for a quick summary of what’s been happening here at Legal Andrew.

This month saw two awesome records for the blog. First, traffic went up 10% (!) to 5,635 visitors for the month. Second, the single biggest traffic day (ever!) was February 15, with 355 visitors. I’m proud!

Popular posts

1. This month’s most popular post was Next Actions 101 – Put it on Your List. This was the first article in a GTD series I wrote, and it turned out …

Am I a White Supremacist for Discussing Politics?

If you haven’t read the work of Penelope Trunk, you definitely should check out her blog. She now even has a column on Yahoo! Finance.

While politics doesn’t come up much on Legal Andrew, I felt compelled to respond to something Penelope wrote today. She posted that we shouldn’t discuss politics at work because it can be racist. In today’s politically correct world, Penelope’s probably right. Even saying that I don’t support an increased minimum wage might offend someone, possibly …

Interesting Viral Affiliate Program

I know that some of you may gasp if I mention PayPerPost, but here goes.

As you may know, I write paid posts from time to time. I always provide full disclosure, and I always provide my honest opinion. If in doubt, you can read my full disclosure policy.

I logged into PayPerPost this evening, seeing if any interesting opportunities caught my eye. I noticed that they made several nice changes to the site, mainly design tweaks and such.

Posties (as PayPerPost users are called) can now ban advertisers from showing up in their opportunity list. …

Free Diagram Tool Creates Charts, Maps, and Floor Plans

Thanks to The Frugal Law Student, I just found a great online tool: Gliffly.

Gliffly is a free online diagram builder. You can create floor plans, flowcharts, wire frames, UML diagrams, and more. Gliffly even allows you to import your images and drop them in your diagram.

As The Frugal Law Student points out, the flow charts would come in handy for complicated legal things. I think Gliffly’s other features are awesome too. Check out …

How to Earn About $300 a Month Blogging

Several weeks ago, a reader posted a comment, asking what ways I have used to make money blogging. Here’s my answer.

January’s earnings

I try to be transparent with my blogging, so I’m going to tell you exactly what I earned last month: $290.70. Note that this is money actually earned, not payments received.

Since I started out just trying to pay for hosting ($4 per month), I’m happily pleased. And this wouldn’t be possible without you readers. Thanks!

Income sources

One of the big keys to this income is diversification. I started out with AdSense in …

Month in Review – January

It’s quite hard to believe that another month of blogging has gone by. I don’t know about you, but a lot has happened for me this past month. I’m looking forward to another great month!

Popular posts

1. This month’s most popular post was my production of Blawg Review #92. If you’ve never read Blawg Review before, or you don’t know what it’s about, check out Blawg Review for information. Sign up to host an issue (if you’re a law blogger); you’ll be glad you did.

2. Taking out some repeats from previous months, the next most …

New Template and WordPress 2.1 – What Do You Think?

Legal Andrew’s got a brand new face! After several months of the old blue theme, I finally got tired of it. Perhaps you did too.

Thus, I’ve changed to a much simpler theme. The goal was to give the blog a new face, but also to simplify the look. This theme is based on yellowhite3c. Obviously, I changed the colors a bit.

Also, I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. It’s a pretty straightforward process to upgrade, and now I’ve got the benefit of this nifty post editor that autosaves every two minutes. That feature …

Speak Up to Advance Your Career, Get Better Law School Grades

That’s something they don’t teach in law school, but they should.

I was sitting in TWO different classes today, and I couldn’t hear what other students were saying in response to questions from the professor. I don’t have the best hearing, but I guarantee that these people were mumbling under the breath, staring down at their desks or buried in their books. Apparently the professor heard them, but I don’t see how all the students in the room could.

So what’s the point? Project your voice. This doesn’t mean that you always speak in the same volume. …

Blawg Review #92

What is this?

If you haven’t read Blawg Review before, you’re in for a treat (hopefully). It’s a weekly showcase of the best that the legal blogging community has to offer. It’s a mix between a blog carnival and a law journal. A bit of knowledge, a lot of fun, and it travels around each week.

First of all, a huge thank you goes out to all of the submitters for this week’s issue of Blawg Review. I signed up to host months ago, and I had no idea I would receive so much help. Thank …

Get Your FREE DVD Rental via redbox

Do you like DVDs? Would you like to get a FREE night’s rental? If so, you’ve got to check out redbox.

Perhaps you’ve seen a giant red box in your local grocery store, drug store, or McDonald’s. That’s redbox. It lets you rent newly released DVDs for $1 per night (plus taxes). You can return the DVD to any redbox location. If you keep it over 25 days, they charge you for the DVD and you keep it.

What about the free rental? Yeah, it’s coming. If you put your email address …

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