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New Template and WordPress 2.1 – What Do You Think?

Legal Andrew’s got a brand new face! After several months of the old blue theme, I finally got tired of it. Perhaps you did too.

Thus, I’ve changed to a much simpler theme. The goal was to give the blog a new face, but also to simplify the look. This theme is based on yellowhite3c. Obviously, I changed the colors a bit.

Also, I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. It’s a pretty straightforward process to upgrade, and now I’ve got the benefit of this nifty post editor that autosaves every two minutes. That feature alone makes the upgrade worthwhile.

Now I’m curious what you think. Does the new design make the blog easier to read? Is it too plain (i.e. darn boring)?

If you’re reading this via RSS, please open the site in your browser and check it out. I really need everyone’s thoughts on this change.

Also, if you see anything that is broken or doesn’t look right, please leave a comment here or drop me a line. I greatly appreciate the help.


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