What Would You Do With 99 Days?

We talk a lot about productivity, blogging, making money online, increasing our traffic, and so many other subjects. Does any of it really matter?

What if you had 99 days to live?

What would you do? Would you max out your credit cards, or would you mend broken relationships and spend every second you could with loved ones?

What if your 99 days were at the very start of your life? What if that’s all the time you had on this Earth?

Eliot only lived for 99 days

That’s exactly what happened to Eliot. He was born with terminal health problems. …

An Open Thank You to Leo Babauta

Note to readers:  I wanted to thank Leo Babauta (of Zen Habits) for his inspiration.  I was going to send him an email to that effect.  But then I decided that a public thank you would be a great way to show my appreciation.  Plus, when people search for him, they’ll see that he’s had a positive impact on me.  It’s kind-of like a thank you and a recommendation, all in one. People have done open letters lots of times, but I usually only see negative ones.  I think an open thank you is a …

Blog Silence, for Those Slain at Virginia Tech

I Shave the Old Fashioned Way – Classic Shaving 101

You can’t be a professional without a good shave, right? Even if you wear a mustache or beard, it must be well-kept. This especially applies to lawyers. Whether we’re in a conference or a courtroom, a scruffy face doesn’t command much respect.

Personally, I got sick of using the disposable Bic-style razors. I wanted something that didn’t hack my face to pieces. And I wanted to save money. So I went on the hunt for a better way to shave.

Electric razor

I used my dad’s electric razor a bit when I was younger, but it didn’t …

How to be Successful in Life

I was tagged by Brandon Hopkins for a meme on being successful. For an up-and-coming top blogger, his answer is a refreshing change from most people’s definition of “success.” It’s a must read.

Staying true to self

I’m trying to be a solid Christian, a devout Catholic. It’s never easy, especially in today’s society.

To that end, I define success as staying true to myself, especially the values and morals that I hold dear.

Being successful means to get to those Pearly Gates someday and be judged worthy of entering the Eternal Kingdom. This will …

Great Podcast for Law Basics and Legal Information

Are you looking for some answers to basic legal questions? Do you listen to podcasts? If so, check out Legal Lad’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a More Lawful Life.

I’ve been listening to Legal Lad for a few weeks, trying to decide if I like it or not. I finally decided that it’s a pretty good resource for basic legal questions. Each episode is pretty short (about 5 minutes) and covers a small topic (like “do you need a will?” or “how to find a lawyer”).

The only question …

What do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

There’s a new meme going around the blogosphere, and I got tagged by Brett Kelly. Now I’m supposed to tell you guys what I want to be when I grow up.


When I was a wee tot, I dreamed of being a dragon. I’d get to terrorize small villages, breathe fire, and fly. What boy doesn’t want that?!

Later on, I realized that I was predisposed not to be a dragon. Apparently I only have human genes.


I have always been into woodworking, and carpentry was the chosen profession of …

Get Anonymous Law Firm Associate Feedback

There’s an interesting article posted over at the [non]billable hour by Matt Homann. The focus of this post is on The Gorb, which is an online reputation monitoring service (reviewed by TechCrunch).

Matt questions whether law firms would be willing to get anonymous feedback from their clients. While that’s an interesting thought, my take on this is to use it for getting associate feedback.

How many of you Big Law associates actually get to …

16 Easy Tips for Better IM Etiquette

Have you ever been merrily working along, only to be IM’d with a two-paragraph question, totally unrelated to your current project? Perhaps someone IM’d you a cryptic message and then signed off, so you cannot ask for clarification.

These are perfect instances for some IMiquette lessons. Here’s Andrew’s 16 rules for IM etiquette.

1. Read status messages. Nothing is more annoying than to have your status as “Do Not Disturb,” only to be IM’d about a low priority project. Respect a person’s status!

2. Use status messages. If everyone would respect status messages, more people would use them …

This Makes Me Sick to be a Lawyer

Thanks to an awesome friend and reader, I saw this video (found by Robert Ambrogi).

This appears to be a lawyer in a deposition (or similar context). He’s being asked “Are you truthful in your dealings with your employees?,” and he will not answer, claiming it’s vague, ambiguous, and over broad.

Honestly, things like this give all lawyers horrible reputations. I’ve got heartburn right now, partly from my nacho dinner and partly because of this slimy guy.

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