Fight and Beat a Speeding Ticket

You were just caught speeding and now you’ve got a ticket. What do you do?! You’re going to fight it and beat that speeding ticket. Here’s how:

Disclaimer: This is only for educational purposes, and no results are guaranteed. As of this writing, I am not a licensed attorney.

Pull it over

You’ve got to have the proper mindset from the get-go. We’ll first back up and look at how you should behave if you get pulled over for a speeding violation.

Be polite. This is the cardinal rule throughout the entire speeding ticket fight. Be polite, courteous, …

15 Tips for an Easy Move

Are you about to move? Do you want a way to make it quick and easy? Too bad I can’t give you that.

But I can give you some tips that I’ve learned. Hopefully these will help your move go a little easier.

Throw away – Do it early and do it often. We all have more stuff than we need, so get rid of some.
Sell – Some of your extra stuff might be valuable, so get a little money out of it. Craigslist is your friend here.
Donate – Be sure to donate some of your …

Oxygenics Showerhead, a GREAT Shower Accessory

This is NOT a sponsored. I’m just thrilled with this product!

Are you looking for a small home improvement that will provide great benefits? If so, order yourself an Oxygenics showerhead!

We just moved into a new rental townhouse. It’s a pretty nice place to live, but our shower head was pitiful. It put out a tiny trickle of water, and not a steady trickle like those spiffy rain shower heads. This thing was more like a broken water gun, barely squirting enough water to soak your hair….

Personal Injury Attorney Network

No one ever wants to incur a personal injury. One of the worst parts of being injured is dealing with the medical bills and lost wages that you’ll incur. If you have a serious personal injury, these expenses can easily add up to thousands of dollars and even higher.

This is why you might consider consulting a personal injury attorney. They can’t just conjure money out of thin air, but an attorney might be able to help, if your injury is someone else’s fault.

Total Injury can help you connect with personal injury attorneys

Lawyer Lies to be Juror, Blog Threatens Verdict

Some lawyers deserve the despicable reputation that people assign to the profession. Please don’t hold that against all lawyers, though. 🙂

An attorney in California apparently lied during jury selection to obtain a seat on the jury. Instead of disclosing that he is a licensed attorney, he said he was a project manager for a technology company. He ended up becoming the jury’s foreman. (Associated Press article)

To showcase his intelligence, he blogged about the trial, including his falsified profession and detailed information about the jury’s deliberations. …

11 Reasons to Fire Your Lawyer

How many professionals tell you when to fire them? Not many. I’m not a lawyer yet, but I’m happy to explain when lawyers should be fired.

I am a licensed Virginia attorney, but this isn’t legal advice. This post is educational only

Fire your lawyer if…

He’s a jerk.

Nobody wants to pay hard earned money to a jerk. As the client, it’s your right to fire your lawyer, even if he’s just being a jerk. You don’t need a special reason. I hope I would be fired for being a jerk.

He’s not really a lawyer.

It is against the …

Lunch, Break, and Hour Laws You Should Know

Do you get a lunch break? What about a coffee break? How many hours do you work in a week? Think your employer is violating labor laws? Let’s answer your questions!

Basic introduction

Disclaimer: As of this writing, I am not a licensed attorney. This article is for general education only. If you need legal advice, consult a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction.

This article focuses on U.S. law. If you are in another country, hopefully it will give you some ideas to consider and a basic education on general labor laws.

Your employer must follow several …

I’ll Show My Workspace – Will You Show Yours?

Brandon Hopkins just posted a spiffy video tour of his workspace. You’ll get to find out neat things about him, like his taste for raisinettes and his cool desk-cat.

He did this through a project started by Josh DorkinWhat Does Your Office or Workspace Look Like?. The idea is that we all have a workspace, so we can bond together by seeing where our friends work. Cool, right? Plus, if you tell Josh about your post, he’ll add you to the running list he’s …

Looky Linkies – Resume Tips, Recipes Galore

Here are a couple links I wanted to share with all of you.

9 Reasons Your Resume Is Trash – I wrote this post over at Job Tuition, giving some quick and easy tips to improve your resume.

Simply Recipes – I’m embarrassed to say that I discovered this awesome blog today. It’s a top blog overall, but especially within the food and recipe niche. You can even subscribe to separate RSS feeds based on your diet (everything, low carb, vegetarian). Your Memorial Day cookout wouldn’t be complete without …

Paris Hilton Gets Off Easy – Justice?

This is definitely not a blog about celebrities. But there are deeper implications surrounding the latest news about little Hilton.

You’ve probably heard that Paris Hilton is only going to serve 23 days of her 45 day jail sentence for violating her probation. And she’s going to do her time in a “special needs housing unit” reserved for high-profile inmates.

Why was her sentenced reduced? Because she showed up for court. She’s such a great model citizen that she doesn’t need to serve all her time. WHAT?!

Backwards thinking

Sadly, people look up to celebrities, especially young people. …

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