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Get Anonymous Law Firm Associate Feedback

There’s an interesting article posted over at the [non]billable hour by Matt Homann. The focus of this post is on The Gorb, which is an online reputation monitoring service (reviewed by TechCrunch).

Matt questions whether law firms would be willing to get anonymous feedback from their clients. While that’s an interesting thought, my take on this is to use it for getting associate feedback.

How many of you Big Law associates actually get to influence your own law firm? If you do get input, are you afraid to provide your honest thoughts? If you think about it, those partners hold your future in their hands. Are you going to tell them (to their face) that something stinks?

The great benefit of using The Gorb for this is that prospective associates can get honest feedback about the firm as well. Law students can see what real employees think about the firms with which they’re interviewing. Clients can even see if their law firm’s employees are actually content and happy.

It could be useful. What do you guys think?

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2 Responses to “Get Anonymous Law Firm Associate Feedback”

  1. The Frugal Law Student
    March 15th, 2007

    Sounds interesting. I would like something like that at a firm that I work at. Sure, you put yourself up for some brutal honesty, but you can use that feedback to make improvements.

  2. Andrew Flusche
    March 15th, 2007

    I’m glad you like the idea. I think it’s something good for all of us to think about. Feedback’s always good, even if it is negative.

    Thanks for commenting,

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