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Free Diagram Tool Creates Charts, Maps, and Floor Plans

Thanks to The Frugal Law Student, I just found a great online tool: Gliffly.

Gliffly is a free online diagram builder. You can create floor plans, flowcharts, wire frames, UML diagrams, and more. Gliffly even allows you to import your images and drop them in your diagram.

As The Frugal Law Student points out, the flow charts would come in handy for complicated legal things. I think Gliffly’s other features are awesome too. Check out the neat network map I made. You just drop the elements onto your grid, connect with lines, and export to “png,” “jpg,” or “svn.” Cool!


If you’re looking for a handy program to make a quick diagram, check out Gliffly.

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2 Responses to “Free Diagram Tool Creates Charts, Maps, and Floor Plans”

  1. The Frugal Law Student
    February 3rd, 2007

    Hey, those are pretty nifty looking. Don’t you just love web apps?

  2. Andrew Flusche
    February 3rd, 2007

    I am definitely a fan of web apps, especially when they do such useful things. I can think of lots of uses for Gliffly. I’m actually wondering if Google might snatch it up and integrate it into Docs.

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