File Bankruptcy With a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Are you in debt over your head? If you’ve exhausted all your other options, it might be time to consider consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer.

File bankruptcy as a last resort

Before we go any further, please don’t think that I’m advocating that anyone should file bankruptcy without heavily considering all their options. Bankruptcy can wipe away most of your debts, but it will show up on your credit report for years to come. Thus, before you consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, you should …

Starbucks Does Offer Value

A good friend sent an interesting article to me today: Can Starbucks Really Offer ‘Value’ With a Straight Face?.

Yes. Starbucks can offer value.

A few days ago, I had a couple hours to kill while waiting for my client’s case at traffic court. I debated between Starbucks and McDonald’s.

I chose McDonald’s, thinking that I would save a little money. I went in, ordered a medium fountain drink and a sausage & egg biscuit. Total cost: $4.16. I enjoyed my snack, and I did …

Most Expensive Lawsuits

Andrew’s Note: This post was sponsored by Lawsuit Funding.

Lawyers know that lawsuits can be incredibly expensive. If you’ve ever been on either side of a big lawsuit, you know first hand that costs can easily skyrocket. Let’s look at some of the world’s most expensive lawsuits.

Robertson lawsuit against Princeton University

Princeton University is a big school with lots of property and employees. It’s no surprise that they’ve had some costly lawsuits in their long history.

But Princeton’s most expensive lawsuit was about the control of a …

Law Firm Productivity with Remember the Milk

As lawyers we have tons of tasks and deadlines to keep tabs on. We have to do something today for Client A, be sure we don’t miss Client B’s hearing tomorrow, and remember that Client C still hasn’t returned a call. Fortunately, Remember the Milk can track everything for us.

I’ve developed a pretty solid way of using Remember the Milk (RTM) to track all of my tasks. My system has been working great for several months, and I’m pretty happy with it. Here’s my attempt to illustrate the system I use to be productive.

A list …

Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising Worth It?

Editor’s Note: This guest post was written and sponsored by Sequoia Legal Marketing.

Nearly 80% of the top 100 most expensive keywords using Google AdWords are legal related; all of which are over $43 PER CLICK. Using industry averages for bounce rate (they visit your homepage, but go no further before leaving) and conversion rates, we can calculate an average cost per lead (phone call or email submission).

Using one example from a divorce attorney, we can extract the following:

Mr. Divorce paid just over $80k to AdWords directly in 2008. The cost to manage this campaign through a …

A Perfect Offline Activity – Thank You Notes

Do you ever have some time to kill when you don’t have a computer with you? I’ve found the perfect activity!

Write your thank you notes!

I spend a lot of time at courthouses, waiting for my clients’ cases. I can bring my laptop to some courthouses and work on it while I’m waiting. But that’s not always possible. Besides, it’s bulky, and I wouldn’t have internet access.

Then I realized that I usually have something else I can do. I hand write several thank you notes every …

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