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A Perfect Offline Activity – Thank You Notes

thank you

Do you ever have some time to kill when you don’t have a computer with you? I’ve found the perfect activity!

Write your thank you notes!

I spend a lot of time at courthouses, waiting for my clients’ cases. I can bring my laptop to some courthouses and work on it while I’m waiting. But that’s not always possible. Besides, it’s bulky, and I wouldn’t have internet access.

Then I realized that I usually have something else I can do. I hand write several thank you notes every week. Everyone who refers a client to meet gets a personal thank you note, and I send them for many other reasons as well.

This task is beautiful in its simplicity. You just need a thank you note and a pen. I already have a pen when I’m at court. And a couple thank you notes don’t add any noticeable weight or bulk to my papers. I can even carry a few stamps, seal up the notes, and drop them at a mail box on my way back from court.

Do you have any offline activities you do to stay productive when you’re waiting somewhere?

Photo by J. Star

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