Improve Your Workspace with $200

Are you happy with your office or workspace? Could it be better? I’ll bet you have some improvements in mind.

I know I do. And I just had a $200 windfall (more on that later). But what should I buy with it?

How can $200 improve your workspace?

Most of us spend the majority of our awake time at the office. So why not make our workspace pleasant?

That’s what I’m setting out to do, but I’m stumped. There are so many possibilities that I can’t decide what to do.

Please give me your advice!

New …

Keep the Status Quo for 2008

The new year has come, with all sorts of talk about great changes you can make. But let’s be realistic. Most of us are going to keep doing the same old thing, again.

Why make a resolution?

I’ve never understood why people set new year’s resolutions for themselves. Yeah, I’ve done it in the past too. But why?

It’s like we’ve screwed up all the previous years, and now it’s our chance to make things right. Do you think January 1 wipes the slate clean? I know my creditors don’t think so.

Unique goals for the …

Do We Have to Use Email Salutations?

I’m always looking for ways to be more productive, especially with email. Heck, I just wrote a series on good email habits. But today I need your help.

Do we have to start every email with a salutation or even the recipient’s name? And do we have to close with our own name?

My response: no. To both questions.

Emails are notoriously less formal than the old fashioned letter. They’re quick communications that should be short and effective. Why include excess words?

You have already typed the recipient’s email address into the “To” …

Starting a New Blog? WAIT!

Photo by el clinto
If you currently own a blog, you have probably had the itch to start a new one. Maybe you see other people succeeding in other niches, or maybe you’re excited about a new hobby you just took up.

Wait to start that blog! Here’s why:

1. Gauge true interest. How many blogs are started every day in this vast internet? And how many of them die within a few weeks or months. You don’t want to invest time and money into a new idea just to find yourself burnt …

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