Sleep Hack – Have a Regular Waking Time

Do you plan your schedule around when you have to get up? Do you have varying wake-up times, depending on the day’s activities?

Here’s a better solution – get up at the same time every day.

Look at your schedule and figure out the earliest time you need to be up. Set your alarm for that time. Get up at that time every morning.

Going to bed at the same time usually isn’t as important. If you have a regular waking time, you’ll naturally feel tired around the same time each evening. …

Technorati Sucks, but Friends Rule!

How long have you fiddled with Technorati on your blog? You claim your blog, get the spiffy widget running, build up a fan base, tag all your posts, etc. What do you get in return?


Yes, I’m exaggerating a little. But let me make my point. Technorati just isn’t worth the trouble.

Aside from initial setup, Technorati has other problems. For months now, Technorati has had problems with blogs being “flagged for review.” Just look at the threads in their support forums where blogs aren’t being updated properly.

And submitting a support ticket gets no …

Month in Review – May

It’s been a big month in my personal life, and I hope the blog has kept up with your expectations. By the way, I’m now “Andrew Flusche, J.D.” :)

Traffic for May was right on target with April – about 8200 visits each month. I’m pretty darn happy with that, but I hope to see more growth in June. Too bad I have to study for the bar exam!

Popular posts

1. May’s top post was my contribution to the ProBlogger group writing project: Top 5 Reasons to Hate GTD. I’m glad you guys liked that one.

2. …

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