My Super-Minimalist Kung-Fu Wallet

There’s a great article at Lifehack about having a super slim wallet. I figured it was a good time to post the details of my minimalist wallet solution.


My dad carried a fat wallet. He bought it one vacation in Colorado Springs when I was a wee tot, and he carried it the rest of his life. It was filled with every card known to mankind. Did I mention that it was fat?

A couple years ago, I decided I wanted to slim down …

Three Easy Steps to Make an Online Friend

Aside from content, a successful online presence requires friends. You’ve got to get the word out about your killer content. Is it really a work of art, if no one knows about it?

Relationship blogging

In fact, there are a lot of bloggers out there that only care about building relationships. That’s why they blog. Liz and Phil are two great examples.

Many business people also focus on building relationships with their blogs. They network, make friends, and draw in new clients through these online relationships.

If you’re not building friendships, you’re …

Thinking About a Public Service Legal Career?

Brett has come up with a cool group writing idea at The Frugal Law Student called Blog Scouts. Each month he’ll encourage us to write a blog post around an actual Boy Scout merit badge. This is my entry for the personal management merit badge.

As an aside, I was in Boy Scouts, what seems like an eternity ago. I only earned one merit badge (in 5 years!). It was for first aid. In my opinion, …

7 Ways to Promote Your Brand, Apart From the Blog

When you change your blog theme, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your overall branding strategy. Think about the places people encounter your work.

Are you presenting a consistent image to the public?

Can people recognize your work anywhere it might appear?

Here’s a few ways you can build your brand, aside from the actual blog design. Force brand recognition with repetition.


(It’s that little icon shown in the address bar for a website.) If you’re not utilizing this important space, you’re missing out. It’s really easy to create your own favicon.

1. Create …

Legal Andrew’s Got a New Theme!

You read that right. There’s a brand new face on Legal Andrew: mine! If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, please visit the site to check out the new look. I’ve included a screen shot below.

Here are some improvements that I’m excited to announce:

Better sidebar – I’m hoping the 3-column design will make information more accessible to everyone. I felt bad putting important stuff way down in the footer.

Improved comments – These are much easier to read now. The comments feature alternating styles plus a special highlighted style for comments left by yours truly.

Avatars …

Huge Discount for Networking and Career Development Tool

If you haven’t checked out JibberJobber, you’re missing out on a valuable career tool. I went through its merits extensively a while back in a JibberJobber series.

Now JibberJobber is more accessible than ever. It’s on sale!

Until April 9th, you can upgrade to JibberJobber Pro, for life, for only $99. The regular price of this version is $495. As you can see, the CEO, Jason Alba, may have lost his marbles! He’s practically giving away the company’s flagship product. That’s a pretty slick marketing …

Distinguish Your Business Card – Ideas for Businesses and Law Firms

Many people seem incredibly unhappy with their company’s business cards. I’ll bet you’ve had a box of cards that got shoved in the desk, never to see the light of day. Why is this?

Business cards lack individuality

You work for a law firm with 500 other lawyers. Or maybe you’re a grunt in a 2500-person corporation. Everyone gets a business card, but they all say the same thing: nothing.

The stock business card says nothing about you. It doesn’t express your individuality, what differentiates you from everyone else, or what value you bring to the organization. …

Another AdSense Experiment – Feedback Requested

I just wrote about an AdSense experiment I’m doing relating to URL channels. Now I’ve implemented something I have been planning for a long time: randomized ads.

If you browse around the blog a bit, you’ll notice that AdSense ads still appear in the usual places: top-left of posts, and at the bottom of single post pages. However, the unit size and colors randomly change. The goal is to combat ad-blindness.

With that said, I don’t want to trash the blog. I want to ensure that everything looks …

10 Tips to Survive a Law Firm Phone Interview

(Photo by wallyg)
Interviews aren’t just done in person, especially these days. Phone interviews are fairly common, and video interviews are even cropping up.

How do you excel in one of these interviews? Does it matter if it’s a law firm?

Fortunately for you, Penelope Trunk has written 5 tips for phone interviews. My favorite tip is to dress up. It’s a subtle point, and some people may laugh at this idea. But attire really does influence our demeanor. If you wear a suit …

Check Out These Blogging Mistakes

Last week I posted my entry for the Daily Blog Tips group writing project. It’s all about the mistakes we have made when blogging.

The “entry fee” (so-to-speak) for this project is to post a list of all the entries, once the project is over. Thus, here are the other 47 entries for the project. There’s some great stuff here, so read away. If you like something, give it a link.

(Sorry for the long post, but 47 links take up a bit of space.)

My Blogging …

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