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Another AdSense Experiment – Feedback Requested

I just wrote about an AdSense experiment I’m doing relating to URL channels. Now I’ve implemented something I have been planning for a long time: randomized ads.

If you browse around the blog a bit, you’ll notice that AdSense ads still appear in the usual places: top-left of posts, and at the bottom of single post pages. However, the unit size and colors randomly change. The goal is to combat ad-blindness.

With that said, I don’t want to trash the blog. I want to ensure that everything looks presentable, and the content is still accessible. I’m afraid the ads might get a little too big with this scheme. I definitely don’t want to sacrifice nice content and great readers for a few cents a day.

Thus, I really would like your feedback here. Are the new ads OK? Are they annoying? Do you use an ad blocker and not see them anyway?

If people really like this idea, I’m thinking about creating a WordPress plugin. That way others could easily use this method on their own blogs. Would you want such a plugin?

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.

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