Blackberry (Thumb) Coming to Japan

It looks like Japan will soon be joining the rest of Corporate-Earth by having Blackberries among the rest of their mobile technology arsenal. I'm still not convinced that Blackberries are a good thing, but we'll see what they do for Japan.

I imagine, at the very least, they will soon start having problems with "Blackberry Thumb" as people in the U.S. and the UK have.

Blackberry for Japan in 2006?

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Kill Your Mouse: Keyboard Shortcuts

Now that everyone is excited about the concept of improving your productivity by using your mouse less, here is your first set of concrete tips to help you begin killing your mouse. Take a few minutes to read this quick post, study its contents, and implement it. I guarantee that your career will thank you.
Keyboard Power
The first step to killing your mouse is to begin realizing the potential of your keyboard. While you may know of several of these tips, perhaps a few of them will be new to you. Virtually every program has keyboard shortcuts …

Laptop Stand Lowers Back and Eye Strain

Are you of the 92% of business travelers who carry your laptop onto airplanes?  Have you found yourself trying to review a document or write a brief or contract, but end up with back pain and strained eyes?  It looks like the Keynamics laptop stand might be for you.

The stand is made to fold up and fit inside your carry-on or briefcase, so it is as portable as you.  Simply unfold it, place your laptop on top, and then lean back to work.  For only $19.99, it might be worth a try.

At the …

Multiple Monitors Increase Productivity

The New York Times has an article regarding “The Virtues of a Second Screen.” It might seem obvious, but the article works hard to establish the fact that increase screen real estate increases productivity.

I wonder how this might apply specifically to law students and attorneys. Just from my own experience, I know it would be very helpful to have multiple monitors, especially when doing research and writing. Thus, you could have Westlaw or Lexis open on one screen and your working document on another.

Do any of you have the luxury of a second monitor? If so, …

Kill Your Mouse: Your Legal Career Will Thank You

Why do we tolerate mice on our desk, but not in the rest of the house? People seem to think they need their computer’s mouse at all times. My argument in response is quite simply that this is not true. Sure, mouse manufacturers want you to think you have to have a mouse to use a computer, but they have a financial incentive to do so.
Maybe people are just so attached to their little oblong friend that they cannot let go of it, for fear that they will be all alone in …

Free Your Inner Creativity With a “Brain Rain”

This is an interesting exercise for your mind that might help with writer's block on that term paper or brief, or it might even help come up with some great lines for your closing argument.

James Ledoux explains a method of setting aside a few minutes every day for a "brain rain." The basic idea is to clear aside any distractions, have pen and paper ready, and just let your thoughts pour out. He explains it best:
Keys to catching the brain rain:

set aside 10 minutes, each and every day
have pen and paper handy
allow yourself the freedom to think crazy …

Save Writing Time with Footnote Hotkey

For those Microsoft Word users out there, first let me say, I’m sorry. But, I am in the same boat as you. However, maybe my little tip today will help make your end-of-term papers just a little bit quicker to get through.

As anyone in the legal field (be it school or practice) knows, legal writing entails fun footnotes. I suppose that applies more to school, since law review format calls for footnotes. So when you are typing along on your research paper or note, why take all that time to click Insert, Reference, Footnote? Word …

ScrapBook speeds up legal research

My first legal “tip” is about a nifty Firefox extension called ScrapBook. Not only will it speed up your legal research, but you can also use it for a myriad of other purposes.

First of all, I should mention that I am a die-hard Firefox fan. If you are not on the band wagon, you should hop on.

Back to ScrapBook. This extension (free plug-in module) allows you to save and edit any web page by selecting a simple option in your right-click context menu.

Here is quick feature list from the developer’s website:

Save Web page
Save snippet of Web …

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