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Free Your Inner Creativity With a “Brain Rain”

This is an interesting exercise for your mind that might help with writer's block on that term paper or brief, or it might even help come up with some great lines for your closing argument.

James Ledoux explains a method of setting aside a few minutes every day for a "brain rain." The basic idea is to clear aside any distractions, have pen and paper ready, and just let your thoughts pour out. He explains it best:

Keys to catching the brain rain:

  • set aside 10 minutes, each and every day
  • have pen and paper handy
  • allow yourself the freedom to think crazy thoughts
  • don’t worry if nothing really productive springs to mind right away
  • periodically scan over your notes from these sessions as things may pop into your mind after they have “marinated” for a while
  • if no ideas pop into your head pick a fun topic and doodle a bit
  • use word association to get things rolling if you feel stuck e.g. thinking -> thoughts -> mind -> brainstorm -> brain rain

This would be a great way to clear your thoughts at the end of the day. In my opinion, the emphasis should not be on coming up with something great but rather on freeing your mind. Since we only use a tiny portion of our brains at any one time, maybe one of those dormant sectors will spew out something spectacular.

I have not tried this yet, but I plan to soon. I am actually kind-of scared what might fall out of my brain in one of these sessions. Does anyone do anything like a "brain rain" during their daily routine? If so, drop a line or leave a comment.

Warm, Partly Cloudy, 100% Chance of Brain Rain [via 43 Folders]

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