Law Firm Productivity with Remember the Milk

As lawyers we have tons of tasks and deadlines to keep tabs on. We have to do something today for Client A, be sure we don’t miss Client B’s hearing tomorrow, and remember that Client C still hasn’t returned a call. Fortunately, Remember the Milk can track everything for us.

I’ve developed a pretty solid way of using Remember the Milk (RTM) to track all of my tasks. My system has been working great for several months, and I’m pretty happy with it. Here’s my attempt to illustrate the system I use to be productive.

A list …

Get a DYMO Labeler for Productivity

I don’t know where I’d be without my DYMO labeler. Actually, I know that I’d be buried under piles of papers that weren’t filed away. Simply put, this gadget is awesome!

A labeler can boost your productivity, whether you’re a student, a stay at home mom, or a busy professional. It really is a handy tool. And now DYMO labelers can even print color labels. Isn’t that cool?!

My DYMO labeler was sent to me to review on this very blog, and I still use it at least once a week in …

Zen to Done – Productivity at its Simplest

Are you overwhelmed by projects, tasks, and deadlines? But is GTD too complex and confusing for you? It’s time you went for a simple productivity system: Zen to Done (ZTD).

Written by Leo Babauta of the popular Zen Habits site, Zen to Done focuses on a core set of productive habits. At its simplest, ZTD is only 4 habits that you implement in your daily life. To become a productivity master, advance to 10 habits. You’ll then truly achieve zenful productivity in all areas of …

My Tasks Reside in Toodledo, Where Are Yours?

If you’ve been around this blog a while, you know that I’m a loyal GTD cult member. I also love online productivity tools. In fact, I change tools with the wind.

For a while I used MonkeyGTD. Then I switched to Vitalist. I was pretty happy with Vitalist, until they announced a new, restrictive pricing plan. Even though …

Pay Yourself to Get Things Done

Do you ever have problems getting motivated? I sure do.

Why not reward yourself when you get things done? By “reward,” I mean money. Pay yourself to get things done.

My problem

I’m trying to ride my bike more. But it’s hard to get motivated to ride. The irony is that I like riding.

So when I was on my ride this evening, I came up with this “pay myself” idea. I’ll reward myself for riding my bicycle. I think it will help get me motivated.

The bike payment plan

The …

Dymo LabelManager Review – GTD Heaven

A few weeks ago, I read Brett Kelly’s post about a labeler he had just received for review. Being the GTD and tech geek that I am, I checked it out and posted a comment that I was envious of his new toy.

Lo and behold, the great folks at decided to send me a labeler!! It’s amazing what a simple blog comment can do these days.

Now I’m the proud owner of a Dymo LabelManager 450. And you get to learn about all its cool features!


This isn’t your …

Record Month – 12000 Visitors, $560

I’ve enjoyed doing these monthly reviews. It gives me an excuse to look through statistics, like I don’t do that enough. Plus, I set goals for the blog and myself.

Traffic and income

This month, we topped two great goals together. First, Legal Andrew saw 12,300 visitors in June. That’s about a 50% increase since April and May! Needless to say, I’m definitely excited. Although now it’s going to be tough to keep growing. But with your great participation, we’ll find a way.

Second, blog earnings reached a new high in June – $560. Here …

My Killer GTD Setup, in Progress

Bar review is stealing my life! Consequently, I’m really late in responding to GTD Marvelz’s killer GTD setup meme. He tagged me with this great project, so here’s my humble contribution. He’s keeping a running list of other killer GTD setups.

The main tool

Every GTD system needs a place to hold lists, actions, contexts, projects, etc. This is the main tool in any GTD setup.

I’ve used and abandoned a number of tools, both on and offline. Currently, I’m …

Month in Review – May

It’s been a big month in my personal life, and I hope the blog has kept up with your expectations. By the way, I’m now “Andrew Flusche, J.D.” :)

Traffic for May was right on target with April – about 8200 visits each month. I’m pretty darn happy with that, but I hope to see more growth in June. Too bad I have to study for the bar exam!

Popular posts

1. May’s top post was my contribution to the ProBlogger group writing project: Top 5 Reasons to Hate GTD. I’m glad you guys liked that one.

2. …

Looky Linkies – GTD List, Squidoo How To

Here’s a couple links you might enjoy.

Leo posted a great list of GTD resources over at Zen Habits. He goes through software, books, online tools, indexes, and even includes blogs. Thanks for the link, Leo!

Second, I invite you to check out a blog that I’m co-authoring about internet marketing. I just published a post you might like: How to Build a Squidoo Lens. If you like it, consider giving it a reddit or a digg.

Thanks, and have a great …

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