Charitable Tax Deductions Tracked with ItsDeductible

You don’t want to forget any tax deductions. A big one that everyone remembers is charitable donations.

But how do you easily track all of those donations? You might have donated cash, stock, household items, or even driven your car to volunteer. All of these are prime tax deductions. And you don’t want to forget them.

That’s where ItsDeuctible can help.

Track tax deductions online

This is a FREE online service by TurboTax. It allows you to input all of your charitable donations throughout the year. And then it …

Screw Uncle Sam – Take Your Tax Deductions!

Uncle Sam tries to screw you all year long. But tax deductions are your chance to get him back! The more deductions you can claim, the more cash you get back. And who doesn’t like getting a fat tax refund?!

Here are some tax deductions that you might have overlooked. Don’t leave a single penny on the table!

1. Medical mileage – You surely didn’t forget to add up your medical expenses, but what about mileage to and from appointments? You can deduct $0.20 per mile for medical trips, and you …

Your Copyright Fair Use Crash Course

Are you a blogger or podcaster? Or do you enjoy pro football games? Maybe you make videos for YouTube. You need to know about fair use. It might save your butt someday.

I am a Virginia-licensed attorney, but this article is only for educational purposes.

Copyright infringement defense

People who create original works obtain copyright in their creations. But copyright protection has limits.

If you are accused of violating someone’s copyright, fair use is a potential defense. You have to prove that your actions constituted fair use. How do …

Imprisoned for Life by Loaning a Car – Felony Murder

Photo by Johnny Grim
I just received a great email from a new reader, Ashish. He pointed out an interesting article from the NY Times. It’s about a guy who loaned his car to a friend. Then the friend committed a burglary, which turned violent and ended in murder. Now the car owner is serving life for murder.

Ashish then asked about the law behind this case and whether or not it applies in Massachusetts. In short, the answer is yes.

Felony murder

As the Times …

Green Tax Incentives Around the World

I am a licensed attorney, but this post is for education only.

Tax time isn’t here yet (at least in the U.S.), but it’s always good to think about ways to lower your tax bill. And what could be better than helping the environment?! So let’s look at green tax incentives around the globe.

United States

Home energy efficiency – Homeowners are eligible for a residential energy efficiency tax credit if you install high-efficiency heating, cooling, and water-heating equipment. This is a credit, which means it directly reduces your taxes due. But you …

Photo Law – Your Right to Take Pictures in Public

You have a camera. But do you know your rights when it comes to public photography? You’ll learn them here.

Public photography is wide open

That’s the general rule. When you’re on public property (a street, sidewalk, city park, etc) you can take pictures of what you see. This means that you can also photograph private property as long as you’re not trespassing to get the shot.

Unfortunately, life is never that simple. There are a couple exceptions to the rule and other details you need to know.

Does the photo subject expect …

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