Virtual Receptionist Ruby Does it Again!

Some companies have an impressive understanding of client service and relations. Ruby Receptionists is one of them. They’re my awesome virtual receptionist.

Previously I’ve written about their cool welcome mug and their welcome back cake. Today’s post is to praise them for helping out another solo.

In a nutshell, a colleague’s mother is in the hospital (please pray for her). He’s a solo attorney, so the emotional toll due to a situation like this will also take a toll on his practice.

A good friend of mine (Deb Matthews) decided to see if Ruby could help out (she’s a …

Referral Fees – To Pay or Not to Pay?

As the attorneys out there know, we have particular rules about sharing fees with people who aren’t attorneys. It’s one HUGE area that has surprised me in my young legal career.

Here’s my take: referrals fees are allowed in Virginia; I receive them, and I’m happy to pay them.

That single sentence may cause a lot of tension, but I’ll back it up.

Virginia allows referral fees

Virginia used to prohibit referral fees. If lawyers shared fees, they had to be taking on responsibility for the matter. You could have a co-counsel relationship and split the fee, but you couldn’t simply pay a fee …

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