Give First, Ask Second

You’ve all seen web forms that ask for your information in exchange for a “free report” or “white paper” on a given subject. What if the great report was right there for the taking, and you were only asked for your information after you read it?

There’s an awesome post by Matt Homann over at the [non]billable hour on this exact subject. He found an awesome study that proves people are more likely to give their information to you if you give them something first.

In short, give first, ask second.

How does this apply to your business?

Ruby Receptionist Rocks – My Virtual Receptionist

I first wrote about Ruby Receptionist in March of this year. I had just signed up for a free trial, and I was excited to begin using my new virtual receptionist for my solo law firm. (Here is my original post about Ruby Receptionist.)

I’ve now been with Ruby for five months. I regularly get questions from people who are looking to try out their service. So here’s an update.

I love Ruby!

In case there’s any doubt, I’m a satisfied Ruby client. They do a great job at handling my calls. They’re an asset to my law practice, and I …

Simplicity – Why I Deleted My Plaxo Account

How many social networks are you a member of? Personally, I’m on way too many to count.

Do we really need them all? Probably not.

Here’s a quick simplicity challenge for you: pick one social networking site and delete your account.

I just deleted my Plaxo account (here’s how to delete yours). I chose to delete Plaxo because:

1. I rarely logged in. In fact, I only logged in to accept someone’s connection request.

2. I got fed up with all the connection request emails and emails telling me that the requests were …

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