About Andrew – My Favorite Charity

Regular readers know that I have my dream job working for a terrific non-profit organization. Hopefully, in a couple weeks I’ll be a Virginia licensed attorney.

Thanks to a cool competition at ProBlogger, I might be able to win $1,000 for this great non-profit. At the same time, I can explain a bit to you about our mission and my job.

American Life League’s mission

In short, American Life League works to save babies from abortion. …

Cell Phone Laws – Your Guide

Have you gotten a ticket for using your cell phone while driving? In some states, cell phone laws require a hands-free device when talking and driving. This educational post should help make these cell phone laws clear.

No federal cell phone laws

Let’s rephrase that – there are no federal cell phone driving laws. The U.S. federal government has not (yet) regulated this area of your life. It wouldn’t be surprising to see federal cell phone laws in the next few years.

But there are still laws to know. States …

Win Great Prizes From ProBlogger!

If you’re a blogger and you haven’t heard of Darren, the ProBlogger, you must be hiding under a rock. If you don’t blog, you can still learn a lot from Darren.

ProBlogger is having a $54,000 birthday bash. Yep, over the next few days, Darren is giving away $54,000 worth of prizes.

One of the cool prizes today is a set of two 20″ LG USB monitors. As of this post …

Month in Review – September

Yeah, I dropped the ball on the July and August monthly reviews. But now that life is a little more sane, I’m going to get back to it.

Thanks to your readership, September was our biggest month yet!! Legal Andrew saw 16,425 visits. I’m darn proud of that number, but now I have to break 20,000!

I was a little sluggish with posting this month. I only wrote 10 posts, but I hope that content was useful to you.

Popular posts

1. The top post for September (actually, since I published it) is Lunch, Break, …

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