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I Shave the Old Fashioned Way – Classic Shaving 101

You can’t be a professional without a good shave, right? Even if you wear a mustache or beard, it must be well-kept. This especially applies to lawyers. Whether we’re in a conference or a courtroom, a scruffy face doesn’t command much respect.

Personally, I got sick of using the disposable Bic-style razors. I wanted something that didn’t hack my face to pieces. And I wanted to save money. So I went on the hunt for a better way to shave.

Electric razor

I used my dad’s electric razor a bit when I was younger, but it didn’t …

Focus on Exams or Deadlines – Eliminate Distractions

Do you have a looming deadline or exam? Are you reading this post, instead of preparing yourself?

Here’s the solution: Close your web browser. Do your work.

Well, it might not be that easy. Fortunately, I’ve written before on this subject. Here are a few articles you might find useful:

Curb Your Blogging Addiction
Utilize Your Resources
Debunk Studying Myths
Develop Your Exam Study Schedule
Use Intention Manifestation for Success on Exams

Since I’m procrastinating myself, here are some other ideas to consider:

Close your email. Seriously, you don’t need to check it every 5 minutes.
Ignore your RSS …

Get Your Own Unique, Custom Business Cards

I love business cards. Not the standard, black and white ones (like mine). I like unique, cool, custom business cards.

Phil, “the relationship geek,” is making it great with cool business cards. He was lucky enough to beta test Show Off Business Cards’ newest product: Show Off Cards Lite. You’ve got to check out the cool cards he got in return.

Show Off Cards’ primary product converts the standard, boring business card into something very cool. You become an action figure! They take your face, put it in …

Get Your Motivation Moving with Small Steps

I’m out of shape. The scary part is that the men in my family don’t have great genes. Based on my father, uncles, etc, “middle age” for me will be about 29. I need to get motivated to exercise.

You’re probably thinking “this has nothing to do with productivity or the law.” But isn’t motivation a key to productivity? And don’t lawyers have to be productive? See, it all ties together.

Do you have something you’ve been putting off? Final exams, perhaps? That healthier lifestyle you’ve been talking about since January?

Let’s get motivated!

Now I’ll …

Does a Restricted Info Base Have a Benefit?

Kevin doesn’t think so. He wrote an interesting article about LexisNexis’ approach to blogs. He talks about the differences between the Lexis blog directory, which contains only 35 blogs, and Justia Blawg Search, which boasts 1792 blogs.

It’s against the nature of blogging

Kevin’s absolutely right that Lexis’ 35-blog directory is fairly anti-blog. One of the draws of blogging is that there are so many voices out here. The benefit of multiple voices is clear – more knowledge, more points-of-view, etc.

But …

I’m Asking You – Should I Open an Online Savings Account?

Something’s on my mind, and I’m looking to you for some help.

The other day I blogged about online savings accounts. I also read a great post by Leo about automating your finances. One of my …

What My Food Told Me This Evening

Tonight my wife and I tried a Chinese buffet in our neighborhood. We’ve lived here three years and hadn’t been there yet. Needless to say, the food was great!

At the end of our meal, we opened our fortune cookies. You’re looking at mine. I’m not a superstitious person, but I am amused when things like this happen.

With graduation only 29 days away (heck yeah!), I definitely wouldn’t jump off the train now. But I’ve definitely questioned my career choice several times during …

Pimp Google With Firefox Extensions and Scripts

Have you noticed that Google invades every tiny corner of our online lives? My mail, news feeds, and calendar all rely on Google to keep working. Right now, I have three Firefox tabs open to Google applications, plus the resident Google search in the upper right corner.

I’m not complaining about it. In fact, I want to teach you some cool Google tricks. Yep, we’re going to pimp your Google.

But first, two quick notes:

1. All of these nifty hacks require Firefox. If you’re using another browser, just read on to see what you’re missing.

2. Everything …

Comment Email Responder – Version 2.22 – Take it Away, Owen!

Last week I proudly announced the release of my first WordPress plugin. The handy plugin makes it easy for the blog administrator to simultaneously reply to commenters on the blog and via email.

Today, I’m thrilled to point you to Version 2.22 of Comment Email Responder. That’s right, the plugin’s already gone to version 2.22 in four days. The further development is all thanks to Owen Cutajar.

New plugin homepage

Owen is now the head guy for this plugin. Thus, the plugin’s homepage is now on his site: Comment Email Responder.

I’ll be updating the …

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