Top 11 Ways to Give by Blogging

One of the awesome things about blogging is that you can give to others so easily. Here are my top (random) 11 ways to give to others by blogging. See how many you can do!

11. Link – This is the basic and simplest way to give something to someone else online. Links are the currency of the internet. They enable us to find each other, but they also have inherent value. Link to someone!

10. Read – We all need more readers and visitors. Why don’t we give a little to each other by reading …

Next Actions 101 – Rephrase Dormant Tasks to Spur Action

This is Part 3 in the “Next Actions 101″ series (read Part 1 and Part 2).

We’ve already covered next action basics and breaking down big projects. For this final installment, we’ll look at those pesky next actions that become dormant.

Do you have tasks on your …

Next Actions 101 – Break Down the Project to Get it Done

This is Part 2 in the “Next Actions 101″ series (read Part 1).

Big projects are daunting. How do you go from “land on the moon” to tangible steps to achieve that goal? Break it down.

Decide a next action

This is the key to getting things done (GTD). Your project (land on the moon) is your stake in the ground, holding you responsible for the outcome.

But to get started toward that stake, you must break down the project. You need …

Interesting Viral Affiliate Program

I know that some of you may gasp if I mention PayPerPost, but here goes.

As you may know, I write paid posts from time to time. I always provide full disclosure, and I always provide my honest opinion. If in doubt, you can read my full disclosure policy.

I logged into PayPerPost this evening, seeing if any interesting opportunities caught my eye. I noticed that they made several nice changes to the site, mainly design tweaks and such.

Posties (as PayPerPost users are called) can now ban advertisers from showing up in their opportunity list. …

Next Actions 101 – Put it on Your List

This is Part 1 in a new series on “next actions,” part of getting things done (GTD).

As you probably know, I’m a GTD fanatic. Well, I might not merit the “fanatic” title, but this productivity system definitely has a fan in me. Thus, I want to highlight a couple thoughts I’ve had about next actions. That’s what “Next Actions 101″ is all about.

Make a list

How can you ever know what you’re supposed to do, if you don’t have a list? This is central to …

“This Semester” Class Action Comes to an End

Today marks the official end of the first group writing project here at Legal Andrew. It has definitely been an interesting experience, and I must say that I’ve learned a bit while hosting this “class action.”

Read the entries

Saramel contributed the first entry at Reasonable Expectations. She’s a new mom who is also going to attend law school this fall. Talk about a full plate!

The next entry was from The Frugal Law Student. This semester he plans …

Another Class Action Submission – Improving Writing

If you haven’t submitted your contribution to the first group writing project here, it’s not too late. Just make sure I get it by tomorrow, Sunday the 4th. For details on the project, check out my original post.

I just got another entry for the class action. It’s from The Frugal Law Student. His entry is all about improving …

Free Diagram Tool Creates Charts, Maps, and Floor Plans

Thanks to The Frugal Law Student, I just found a great online tool: Gliffly.

Gliffly is a free online diagram builder. You can create floor plans, flowcharts, wire frames, UML diagrams, and more. Gliffly even allows you to import your images and drop them in your diagram.

As The Frugal Law Student points out, the flow charts would come in handy for complicated legal things. I think Gliffly’s other features are awesome too. Check out …

This Semester… – I’m Going to Expand My Blog Consulting

Are you interested in making some side money with your blog? Who isn’t? OK, maybe some people. But blogging is a great way to increase your income, whether it be through new clients for your main business, ad sales, or freelance writing.

I just wrote about the awesome success I experienced in January. Now it’s time to ramp up the effort. Here’s my plan for this semester: expand consulting work.

Thus, for my contribution to the “class action,” …

How to Earn About $300 a Month Blogging

Several weeks ago, a reader posted a comment, asking what ways I have used to make money blogging. Here’s my answer.

January’s earnings

I try to be transparent with my blogging, so I’m going to tell you exactly what I earned last month: $290.70. Note that this is money actually earned, not payments received.

Since I started out just trying to pay for hosting ($4 per month), I’m happily pleased. And this wouldn’t be possible without you readers. Thanks!

Income sources

One of the big keys to this income is diversification. I started out with AdSense in …

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