Anonymous Blogging – Good or Bad?

People have many different viewpoints about revealing your identity on your blog. Some suggest being anonymous. Others argue that you should openly be yourself. I’m trying to figure out what you think.

My reasons

Simply put, here are some of the reasons I have my name (and even picture!) on this blog:

It makes the blog more personal
It promotes transparency
The real name and picture make me real to readers
It enhances reader trust in me
I can control Google search results for my name
My online image is …

Get A Free Starbucks Gift Card, Courtesy of Westlaw

Do you like coffee? I suppose some people don’t, but you probably do.

Do you read every Westlaw email that comes to your inbox? If not, you’re missing out on what could be a free Starbucks gift card.

A couple weeks ago, our Westlaw representative sent out an email. It said that everyone who registers for training on X date will be entered into a drawing for several different gift cards and a digital camera. I threw my hat in the ring.

Last week, I got an email telling me that …

Tag Your Law Blog at Blog Top Sites

It seems like just yesterday that I wrote about registering your law blog at Blog Top Sites. Ok, so it was only ten days ago.

Well, those crazy guys are still hard at work, improving their already good blog directory. Today they announced that you can now tag your blog. Everyone gets to pick five key words to assign to their blog listing in the directory.

Make your blog easy to find

“Why tag my blog?”, you might ask. It will help people find your blog more easily. Blog …

Extending Legal Client “Rules” to Everyone

The [non]Billable Hour has a great post containing 15 rules for clients. It begins rather harshly, but then does a good job of setting some realistic expectations.

Honestly, I think anyone looking for any type of service provider should keep these “rules” in mind. In fact, think of them more like a myth-buster. De-cloud your thinking, and you will be a more satisfied client.

Take rule #1, for instance: “You have wants. You have needs. Focus on the needs first. Wants …

Add Your Legal Blog to Blawg

This is Part 4 in the series on registering your legal blog (read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

In Part 2 of this series, we covered how to suggest your legal blog to Blawg Search. What you might not know is that there is another legal blog directory, Blawg. Fortunately for the legal blogger, submitting your site is a …

Search for Real Estate and Apartments with Google Base

Have you ever tried searching for houses or apartments online? It can be darn frustrating with all the different sites available. Personally, doesn’t do quite what I would like. Have they even heard of RSS?

Enter Google Base. It’s hyped as a online database into which anyone can add data. You might’ve seen it before and wondered “what’s that good for?” Real estate and apartment searching, that’s what.

Enter your search terms

To search for housing, Google even has a handy little …

How Do You Deal With Negative Blog Comments?

It seems like most blog conversations about comments deal with spam. However, it seems like the topic of negative comments gets little attention.

For business owners, marketers, and the like, the fear of negative comments on blogs motivates comment moderation. The HORROR! (To understand the downside of moderated comments, check out Kian Ann’s thoughts on encouraging blog conversations.)

But, to their credit, what else should they do? Can marketers credibly promote a product but allow people to post negative comments? …

Claim Your Legal Blog at Technorati

This is Part 3 in the series on registering your legal blog (read Part 1, Part 2).

To call yourself anything of a blogger, you must be familiar with Technorati. Basically, it’s the gold standard for blogs. It’s the blog index. You can search blog posts, learn about new blogs, and meet fellow bloggers. From a traffic standpoint, Technorati can boost your visitors (since people will find your blog and posts via their …

Suggest Your Legal Blog to Blawg Search

This is Part 2 in the series on registering your legal blog (read Part 1).

In the first part of this series we looked at Blog Top Sites’ new law category. We learned how to get your legal blog listed there and begin increasing your traffic. Today’s focus is on a legal blog directory!

Blawg Search

Hosted over at you will find a relatively new search engine. Unlike Google, this search engine has a single focus: legal blogs …

Networking Carnival – at Some Assembly Required

Networking is an essential part to being a lawyer, or any professional for that matter. I have written about networking before, especially about using different technologies to aid in this endeavor.

To help your networking efforts, Thom Singer posted the December Networking Carnival over at his blog, Some Assembly Required. There is some good content over there, so you should check it out.

The cool part is that I’m hosting the carnival for January! It will go up on January …

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