Sponsor or Make a Wish on the Million Dollar Blog Post

Do you have a wish for the world during this holiday season? You should mozy over to the Million Dollar Blog Post and drop in your wish.

The idea is simple. Get people to come in and leave their wish for the world. Sign up sponsors to donate $1 to charity for every wish that is made. Get one million wishes, so $1 million dollars will go to charity.

Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for your law firm or solo practice? It’s simple to become …

I’m It!! – Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was feeling left out. Nobody had tagged me for the “5 things you didn’t know about me” meme. I was feeling like the kid who never got picked for kick ball.

But that’s changed now. Teli Adlam tagged me this afternoon.

Five things you didn’t know about me:

1. I’m a musician. I play the sax (alto and baritone) and drums. I was even drum major in high school. Yep, I’m a computer geek and band nerd.

2. I love sci-fi. I’m a huge Stargate fan. I like reading old sci-fi …

Why People Hate Lawyers – Just Read Their Blogs!

Photo courtesy of misscaro.

This is part of Darren Rowse’s group writing project on reviews and predictions. Be sure to check out the other submissions!

People hate lawyers

Yep, most people hate lawyers. I’ll be one (a lawyer, not a person) in a few months. I can admit that people hate the profession I’m entering.

The reasons for not liking lawyers are probably endless. As are the lawyer jokes. Thus, I’m not going to …

What I Learned – The Perfect Job Will Find You

The ever-cool Ben Yoskovitz is hosting a group writing project over at Instigator Blog. It’s entitled What Did You Learn This Year?. Here’s my “teachable moment” (as Mrs. Enis, my high school math teacher, always said).

The perfect job will find YOU

Yep, you read it right. If you lay your cards on the table and focus your energy on getting the perfect job, it will find you. Don’t think that you can sit back and …

Networking Carnival Approaches

Everybody loves the carnival, right?! That’s why I’m hosting the Networking Carnival right here at Legal Andrew.

Get free publicity

A carnival is a great way to help build traffic to your blog. All you do is write a post on the topic and submit it to the host. The host then links to the posts from his blog. This provides a central location for everyone to go see that edition of the carnival. Everyone gets links, more traffic, and more publicity.

If you’ve read Blawg Review, it’s the same concept.

Check …

You Can Do It – Set Tiny Goals for Next Semester

It’s the end of the semester for most of us students. Some of us (OK, me) have exams left. But a lot of law students are finished. Congratulations! Remember, it’s never to late to start planning next semester.

That’s why Angela Booth’s post about setting writing goals for 2007 seemed appropriate for today.

Angela’s take on your 2007 goals is simple: set small, specific goals, that you know you can meet. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t strive to do more …

I’m a B.A.D. Blogger!

And now you’re scratching your head. Why should I be proud of that?

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking (via Skype) with none other than Liz Strauss. She’s calling a Blogger A Day (get it? – B.A.D.), just to talk. She’s meeting new people, gaining new insights on life, and blogging about it.

When I saw this I thought, why not? I emailed Liz and said I’d love to join in. She put me on her calendar, and off we went!

You can …

Law Firms Should Teach Associates GTD

Law firms offer interesting programs for their incoming associates. They teach the basics of surviving your first few weeks, how to work the copier, and even etiquette courses. What they don’t teach the newbies is how to actually get work done.

What is GTD?

I’ve posted about this a few times in the past. It’s a productivity system that focuses on doing things in the appropriate “context.” It’s a way to be more productive and group things in their logical place of actually doing them. You can learn tons about it …

I Need to Organize My RSS Feeds Inside Google Reader


If you don’t have a clue what the headline for this post means, you’re in luck. I’ll explain it here. If you’re an old hand at RSS, feel free to skip ahead.

RSS stands for “really simple syndication.” Basically, it is a way to publish website content. All you need to know is that it allows you to easily keep up on websites, news, and blogs. For a good explanation, check out RSS the Oprah way.

Google Reader is a free …

Leaving the Perfect Voicemail Message for Lawyers

Tom Kane has a great post about leaving voicemail messages. The post covers some interesting things about voicemail, like tone and emotion. Honestly, I have never given those much thought when confronted with the beep. But that’s a good idea.

For productivity’s sake, I want to add a couple things to Tom’s post.

First, leave your name and number immediately at the beginning of the message. “Hello, this is John Doe at 222-333-4444.” Then repeat your name and number at the end of the …

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