You Gotta Love a Free Espresso Machine

This is part of the Balanced Life Center’s Season of Gratitude series. Check out the other things people are thankful for.

Do you enjoy espresso? Perhaps you like a good cappuccino. As for me, I love a great latte, and I’m thankful for my new espresso machine!

You may be wondering, “What does this have to do with being a lawyer or law student?” Well, if you have ever been around many law students or lawyers, you would know that we love our coffee. Unfortunately, …

Using File Transfer Services: Ethical Considerations

How many times have you needed to send a large file to someone else? Did their email server allow you to email it? If that person was on AOL, the answer would clearly be “NO.”

Today’s internet brings a plethora of solutions for this problem. Many file transfer services have cropped up, allowing you to send a large file to anyone with an email address, via the file host’s servers. One such service, YouSendIt! was just featured as a solution for lawyers.

It’s high time that we …

Marketing Your Law Firm Through Local Media Blogs

If you practice law, you are most likely trying to market your services (isn’t everybody?). If you’re a blogger, you probably know the basics of building blog traffic. But how do you market yourself through your local media?

The key is to use your blogging skills to connect with the blog aspirations of your local media outlets. I’m sure you have visited the websites of your local newspapers, television and radio stations, etc. Have you noticed which ones have blogs? Do you participate in the discussions there? …

VoIP Coming to Larger Law Firms has an interesting article regarding the use of VoIP in larger law firms. Apparently, the technology is finally taking root.

Honestly, VoIP seems like a no-brainer. It’s cheap, it’s feature-rich, and it performs well. From my experience with Vonage and Skype, VoIP works as well as your internet connection. If you have a decent connection, you’ll have good service.

Small businesses and small law firms have already learned the benefits to VoIP. Simple and cheap services, like Skype and Vonage, can fully meet the …

Word’s Email Merge Feature: Tricky, But Handy

Have you ever wanted to send an email to a list of people, but personalize each one? Do you need a quick way to send your resume to over a hundred firms for your summer job search? Microsoft Word’s email merge feature will help you out.

Using email merge is pretty easy. All you do is type your document in Word. Then you select Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge. In the right pane, select “E-mail messages.” Simply follow the remaining prompts to complete your email merge. You will select a list …

Use Skype and PrettyMay for Automated Phone Messages

Have you ever needed to make several phone calls, saying the same thing during each call? Perhaps you needed to repeat your 15 second pitch while making networking contacts. Maybe you were calling a list of people to cancel a meeting or conference. Regardless of the reason, Skype and PrettyMay will help.

What’s Skype?

Skype is a way to make phone calls using your computer. You can learn a ton about it by going to official website or by checking out …

Drafting Your Law Firm Cover Letter

If you are a first year law student, it’s definitely time to start preparing your law firm job search materials. There are other sites that provide comprehensive information regarding the search process. The idea here is to give you a few tips on writing your cover letters.

Be professional

This should go without saying, but you need to present a unified, professional image. Thus, use the same font family for your resume, cover letter, and envelope. Use the same paper. …

Networking Tips and Advice

When you’re looking for a new job or more clients, it all comes down to that critical task: networking. Two good articles just crossed my desktop on the subject.

First, check out Jim Hassett’s article on better networking results. He provides some great, concrete tips to enhance your networking abilities.

Next, you can check out How to Become an Extrovert in 4 Easy Steps for some simple tips on diving into social situations with ease.

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Legal Matters Sheet Helps with Jobs and Clients

As an attorney you probably remember many of the matters (cases and/or deals) you have worked on. However, how many have you forgotten? What about you law students? Do you remember all the pro bono or clerk matters you helped with? Keeping a “matters sheet” on hand solves this problem.

This article at Guerrilla Job Hunting explains the benefit of a “deal sheet” for salesmen:

Sales guys — show them proof! Keep an up-to-date deal sheet – instead of a resume – on your PC at work which …

Picasa Provides Image Management for Lawyers

How do you organize and manage your images? Do you name them by hand, search for them in “thumbnail” view, and lose track of them more often than not? Picasa is the solution for you.

Provided by Google, Picasa is a free program that can organize, manage, and edit all of the images on your computer. You can “label” your images, organize them into folders, add descriptions, search for them, print them, and much more. All from within Picasa.

How does it work?…

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