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Marketing Your Law Firm Through Local Media Blogs

If you practice law, you are most likely trying to market your services (isn’t everybody?). If you’re a blogger, you probably know the basics of building blog traffic. But how do you market yourself through your local media?

The key is to use your blogging skills to connect with the blog aspirations of your local media outlets. I’m sure you have visited the websites of your local newspapers, television and radio stations, etc. Have you noticed which ones have blogs? Do you participate in the discussions there? If not, why? My suggestion to you: jump in!

I just ran across a great article that explains three methods of marketing your services using the blogs of local media outlets. As Kevin explains, one idea is to:

Subscribe to the RSS feeds of the newspaper blog(s) that are most likely to include a post of interest to your blog audience. When you see such a post share it with your audience. Let the reporter know.

How many times have you simply posted a story that spoke to you on your blog? Did you make a connection with the author? People who are serious about online writing and marketing will monitor their name, website, and/or company via different automated tools. Thus, even if you don’t notify them, authors usually find out when you are writing about them. Wouldn’t you like to take the offensive, and notify the author? This way, you ensure that he/she sees your appreciation for his work. He might add you to his feed reader, and one of your articles might be the feature of a future blog post.

You understand the concept, so I will not belabor the point. If you’re serious about marketing, you need every edge you can get. If you blog, you already have one tool in your arsenal. The key is the use it; go where the readers/viewers are – local media.

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2 Responses to “Marketing Your Law Firm Through Local Media Blogs”

  1. Kevin OKeefe
    October 31st, 2006

    Thanks for sharing that tip with your readers. I need to start blogging more about the suggestions I give to clients everyday.

    BTW, where are you goin to law school and what are your plans uopn graduation nxt spring?

  2. Andrew F
    October 31st, 2006

    I’m glad I could share your awesome tip. Actually, it prompted me to start reading the local news from back home. Hopefully I will be able to implement your advice soon.

    Thanks for commenting,

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